My Family My Strength

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My Family My Strength

We are able to stand on our feet because we have the spinal cord. Exactly, in the same way, we can live in our society strongly when we have our family with us. Everybody needs a healthy family. How the child will become in the future, is dependent on his or her current family. Seed can germinate healthy only when the proper amount of sunlight, water, and soil is given to it. We also need love, positivity, and support from our family for becoming physically and mentally healthy people. We are social animals. We can’t stay alone. We all want to love others and want others to love us. We are human beings, but having humanity in us is not an innate quality. This needs to be cultured in us. And this can be done by family only.

WE NEED SOMEONE ON WHOME WE CAN RELY ON – Life doesn’t move like a straight line. It is full of ups and downs. Sometimes we need to go through hard challenges. We are human; if we want we can cross any path. But for this thing, we need an inner power. This power is our family. So whatever is the roughness of the situation, we can smooth that and can move on in our lives. In our personal crisis, our family can give us economical support. This support system is such that we can trust or rely on completely.

GET LOVE – Love is medicine. This medicine can work on all diseases. But this love needs to be pure. Mother’s love is the purest love. With this love anything and everything is possible. We can deal with all kinds of situations. Family love can generate positive energy in us. This love can cure any problem.

SOURCE OF ENCOURAGEMENT – Encouragement is required for doing almost all the tasks. Little push may be the reason for big events. Family always give positive encouragement. This is a must. The person will feel content. A small positive encouragement has even the strength of enlightening thousands of candles in an even heavy storm. This support system can take you out of any depressing situation. This thing will never make you hopeless.

VALUE OF RELATIONSHIPS – If a child is raised in a family, and then he must be knowing the importance of the relationships and bonding among the family members. This thing will attribute to develop a good understanding with others in the society. You will be transformed into a sensible person who will be knowing the importance of people. Only these persons can respect and love other persons in later life. They will always try to develop stronger relationships with others. They can only able to manage their emotions.

GOOD MENTAL HEALTH-Our mental health depends on the type of environment a person is raising up. A person growing in a family will always have a good mental setup. Family imparts good and positive effects on the person. He will know how to behave with others, how to keep control over emotions.

A family is a strength of a person.

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