3 Best Optimal Healthier Plan for Eventful Lifestyle

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3 Best Optimal Healthier Plan for Eventful Lifestyle

Life is beautiful and joyful, but you are healthful?  Today, your vital organs may be working efficiently, but they may not be tomorrow. Don’t take your health for granted, don’t treat as casual and careless manner. Take proper care of your physical health with regular diet and lifestyle. Our health is lifetime wealth of us, we must care about it and carefully maintain it constantly.

You want to be healthy strong and stay well enough. Likes to live the longer life, as of you really want to live long healthiest into your future period!! However, it means you looking for optimal health or ideal physical strength.

Table of Contents

1. what is human health?

2. Human Health and Lifestyle

   2.1 External health

   2.2 Internal physical health

3. Healthier Organs-

4. Immune health system

5. How do you manage it

6. How does it function

7. Optimal health solution

  7.1. Healthy food/Diet

  7.2. Meditation- mantras

  7.3 Yoga

All about human health-

Think of your body-physique as your physical shell to take you through life. This shell will always protect you from inside & outside born infections and diseases until your life, when all body systems are functioning optimally the existing immunity will improve. infections & disease risk is reducing or eliminate entirely, Chronic disease effects can also minimize.

Human Health and Lifestyle-

Basically, human health is consisting of external and internal health.

External health-

Today’s corporate world life cares about external looks, Skincare, haircare, muscled- muscleman, handsome looking, more confident and self-believable. Which builds our mental health and mentality. Our body language, external looks can impact over our mental power. Your approach to living life, attitude can generate or boost our mentality health. Therefore, it can call as our mental fitness.

Internal physical health-

human health is not all about your external looks, rather it is how you’re internal healthy and strong. However, Human body is consisting of many vital organs such as, tissues, cells, blood and diverse functional systems are included & all these called as Internal physical health.

 Healthier Organs-

Vital organs consist of Lungs, Kidney, Heart, Brain and Liver. Organs have variously functioned of respective part of human body. All organs functionality is depending on human age and functional systems like breathing, blood circulation. These systems have important roles of providing sufficient oxygen & blood to function organs efficiently until your life.

Immune health system-

Immunity system is the vital functional system in human health. The immune system is a defence system comprising many biological structures and processes. Immunity health is also depending on age, proper diet, Lifestyle etc. Our daily food has sufficient proteins, vitamins and nutrition in it and supplies through healthful blood. Therefore, it will improve human immune system to fight any casual & serious infections, disease and viral attack. Comprise all called as ideal physical health.

How do you manage it?

Let’s help you to be proactive, so that, you can live the life as of you truly wants to live life, happy, healthy and wealthy!  It’s recommended you that, only best of three events of lifestyle can make you physical & mentally healthy for forever, internally as well as externally.

How does it function?

1.Healthy food/Diet – Improve overall internal health power, immune system, healthiness.

2.Meditation – Brain exercise improves mental power, mentality, overall mental strength and fitness.

3.Yoga – Activate all vital organs of body, improves physical strength and efficiency, overall physical fitness.

Additionally, if you regularly perform

only these three events in your lifestyle, you can keep doctors away for forever. Even you don’t need to go to a gymnasium or do the stretched exercises and run long for more than an hour.

Optimal health solution-

 Only three events of lifestyle that will help you have the longest, healthiest life possible:

 1.Healthy food/Diet

some extreme diets may suggest, otherwise we all need of balance of protein, fat, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, and fibre in our diets to sustain a healthy body. Nowadays, it is necessary to be vegetarian as per today’s health trends. occasionally, non-veg. foods may better diet for health. You don’t need to eliminate certain categories of food from your diet, rather select the healthiest option of each category.

However, one thing always remembers that human health is consists of categories of Phlegm (cough) Masculine (wat), Bile (pitta) disorders in various humans called as ‘Tridosha’ in Ayurveda. Food dieting is some of the limitations or completely avoid of it, is the necessity according to the health category (tridosha). Rather, healthier persons have no avoiding diet. whereas a healthy diet is not about strict limitations and depriving of the foods themselves. Rather, it’s about feeling delicious tests, having more energy, improving health and boosting mood.

2.Meditation- mantras

Our religion & culture has so much positive energies to remain healthier. human mind is full of various thoughts at a time. Human can become distressed anytime, for reason of daily mindful activities, thoughts, plans or sometime historic memories. it creates more pressure on mind. Religious mantras have so much power to set human brains, concentration of mind. Mantras like ‘Gayatri’ mantras or ‘Stotras’ of various Gods has more religious positivity, in Hinduism. Seating down, taking long breath and starting mantras in mind, then you feel empty mind. Applying mantra meditation in our lifestyle, anyone can get relief from day to day stressed life and helps in building mental health.

3.Yoga –

Yoga is the traditional, scientific and historical way of living physical fit and mentally strong. Art of yoga is religious and very powerful way of living stress-free life. Various type of Aasan (Poses) such as Padmasan, Mayurasan, Sarvangasan, Bujangasan, Dhanurasan and Shavasan etc. have diversified energies and importance in human health. The poses help in increase strength, flexibility and improve balance, maintains a healthy weight and elegant body shape, extremely thin. However, yoga has to perform with its proper techniques and scientifically and has to perform under proper training and guidelines, if just a beginner. Scientific ‘Yoga’ will affect positively and improves functionality of each organ, functional systems, as well as builds muscle, external physique and overall human healthiness. Therefore, comprise of ‘Yog sadhana’ in our lifestyle anyone can remain healthier and live stress-free for long term.

However, it’s also more important ‘must Do and Don’t’ diet following during this period like eating healthier, getting mild exercised, proper dieting, healthy drinks, limiting the alcohol and no smoking or lifetime ban such affective things. Thereby, drink a water at least six or eight glasses a day and get enough night sleep regularly; then no one will ask you question like, do you live healthy lifestyle?

Ultimately, be Joyous and healthier too, in a life. healthier peoples can always make more ways of lifestyle, living longer healthiest life. Life is really simplicity, but we have habit of making it complicated and more critical. Causes, unnecessary mental and physical stresses in our life. Therefore, manage or plan lifestyle with the perfect strategy to living joyous long life, without any health trouble.

Caution- For over aging people’s, Discuss with your doctor. Whether you need any medicine (tonics) to help you stay healthy. Do the health investigation regularly of your healthiness to avoid any disorder. Do take care of medications, these might include medicines to control high blood pressure, treat osteoporosis or lower cholesterol. Because optimize health is all about keeping your fitness, healthiness, not about cures of diseases or health treatment.

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