Difficult Times and Lessons to Learn

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Difficult Times and Lessons to Learn

During difficult times, we feel like a deep dark hole from which we can’t escape but we often wonder “Why this is happening to me?”, This seems to be like a silver lining during tough times. It’s the difficult times in our life, through which we are able to grow. It’s the time when we are tested that we are able to rise. Push through and comes out to the stronger side, where we will be brave.

No one wants to struggle in their life. Even we don’t want to admit to the struggling. We all like to have a photoshop version of our own life that fits perfectly into an Instagram reel. But actually, life doesn’t behave like that. Everyone has to face a variety of problems in their life during their tough times. It is one of few things that we really count on.

Truth is one of the important lessons in our life that we are only taught through difficult times and they can be a silver lining to the darkness.

Important Lesson to Learn From Difficult Times

Who are your real friends

It’s an inconvenient and sometimes heartbreaking reality to discover that someone we once trusted to be there for us no matter what can’t be relied on. Going through a tough time has a special way of removing excess weight from our lives. Someone who does not really care would not make the effort to be there.

The revelation that someone you care for does not consider you can blow you off your feet, so it will save your time and resources that you may have wasted in the future wanting to be there for them. You will eventually understand who really cares, you will be thankful for them, and you will have made emotional space for someone who will be there for you through thick and thin.

The depth of your strength

My mom’s favorite reaction to every concern I had as a child was, “It creates character.” As irritating as that line was, it was real. Nothing strengthens us like building character. Nothing like tragedy challenges us to use what we have, dig deep, and gather every ounce of honesty, patience, and determination we possess.

When you survive anything, it is recorded on your internal scoreboard. Consider your internal brain cells driving an extra victory into your win/loss list, and the next time you go into war, you can take stock of your winning record and boost your faith that you will succeed and excel no matter what you are up to.

What really matters in life

Experiencing difficulty helps to turn our lives upside down, and something nailed to the concrete tends to completely destroy. It’s sometimes refreshing to see what really sticks, what is always clinging on after the universe has gone awry. And when we are right side up again, we’ll be able to look at that stuff more carefully, take proper care of them, and enjoy them much more for being unchangeable.

Most of us spend the majority of our days thinking about anything but what we should be worrying about. However, after a tough period, we are less likely to be concerned with the little details and more likely to concentrate on the unmovable bits of our lives that really matter.

How to be thankful

Going through tough times leaves an enormous impact on us. They affect us and the way we see our lives. We have discovered who and what is important in our lives, and we certainly have a deeper respect for them. Surviving adversity expands our understanding of what adversity is. You will reflect on the problems you used to worry about and be grateful that they are now your only concerns. We are offered a profound appreciation for our lives after surviving a tough time.

It is common to go through tough times. We have to go into the darkness to reach the sun, and when you’re in it, try to take a deep breath and know that the lessons you’re learning will change your perspective on life. You will discover what is important, who is important, how powerful you are, and how fortunate you are to survive.

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