Find Your Long Gone Happiness in Minutes

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Find Your Long Gone Happiness in Minutes

Happiness is a simple yet long-found mystery for us. We can’t define happiness in a single definition that will apply to everyone. It’s so precious that we invest our whole life to accumulate wealth and finally in the hope to get happy. Then also we don’t get the real essence of happiness. Concerning everyone’s version of happiness, living a happy life is simple. You don’t have to afford much for it. In one single line, it only means finding your inner tranquility or coolness.

If you are also searching, how to be happy in life? then go through these easy ways and apply them in your life. It will certainly benefit you to reach the common destiny of happiness. 

#1. Defeat negative ideas.

It’s proven that humans have a natural tendency to always think about the worst that can happen in the future. But to be frank in reality such thoughts barely come true. On the other hand, it’s our only foe who hates our happiness. It only works for making us mentally unstable. Among many ways to be happy it secures the first rank. 

As a way to conquer the negativity, find out the source of such negative thoughts. Many of us encourage such unwanted thoughts because we are at some point in time has been the sufferer of bullying, betrayal, or failure. Do some mind work and make yourself understand that you have grown up much from that situation. So, now repeat after me: “I want to be happy!”

#2. Have a happy meal. 

Have you ever noticed that every time we are unhappy our belly charges more food? So, when you are in a stressed situation have some great food. Try to take all those foods which you like the most. In addition, if you are on a diet then take a pause and have some chocolate. My friend! Chocolate can be the solution to your problem of how to be happy? But remember it’s best to avoid alcohol or related beverages. They are like an enemy who has veiled behind the mask of a friend. 

So, it’s time for some happy meals!

#3. Take a deep breath

If you are among persons who regularly do exercises then you would understand the relevance of meditation and breathe in and breathe out in our life. And if you are not then start the habit of doing regular exercises, particularly practice inhale and exhale exercise regularly. It helps to burn a lot of stress from us and works as one of the ways to be happy. 

#4. Confess everything to your diary.

We all have some secrets in us which we can’t share with anybody and that’s what makes our heart heavier. Well, sharing your thoughts and maintaining a journal can solve the problem of how to be happy alone. In addition, it also makes us proud of ourselves in the long run that we have survived the toughest times. Also, it improves your writing skill and works as a brownie point. 

#5. Take some break from work. 

We all have the misconception that only wealth can pour happiness for us. Though it can’t be denied that to some extent it surely does but not every time. Happiness can get lost from your life due to overwork or what can be called “In a race of proving I am the best”. 

And when we fail to accomplish the motive we get stressed. 

The solution is to pause for some time from being ambitious and spend quality time with family or take a long-awaited vacay! And within some days, you will discover yourself as a transformed person. 

All these ways have truly worked for many in living a quality life. We must balance everything in our life, that is, if work is important for us then at the same time we can’t overlook taking a break. Hence, the only solution to the problem of how to be happy in life? is finding the true self and investing time for betterment.

So, now complete your dosage of chilling pills and repeat after me: “I want to be happy”!

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