5 Tips To Look Stylish INSTANTLY

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5 Tips To Look Stylish INSTANTLY

Thinking of looking stylish and chic all comes right down to the small things, how you style it, how you accessorize it, how you create a really basic outfit look, not so basic. Today, I will be sharing some tips that might instantly make you look more stylish. If you’re someone who goes in usually for normal jeans, t shirts and shirts, but are still trying to find something to feature personality or simply juice up your outfit just a touch bit.

1. Always tuck away
So, my favorite tip is to always tuckin your shirts or t-shirts or maybe sweaters during the winter season. It makes your outfit look sharper and provides the illusion of longer legs also , because more of your bottom. Whatever you’re wearing in the bottom? Trousers, jeans, pants, whatever you’re wearing, it shows more of that. So obviously, technically, it’ll show more of your legs making you look slightly taller. So, this is often an excellent tip for shorter girls, as well.

2. Accessorize

Now there’s something about golden hoops and layered necklaces that creates your outfit look really cute and chic.There’s something about golden hoops that instantly makes your outfit look tons better. So,

you get necklaces that are already layered like their joint and you’ll otherwise pile up different sorts of chains on your neck. And it still looks extremely stylish.

3. Belt up
Ok, now this is often embarrassing for the longest time, I assumed Belts were useful as long as you’re wearing loose jeans or loose bottoms, and you would like to tighten it up. But could I be any longer wrong, Belts actually add that tiny something to your outfit that creates it appear as if you set that extra effort, but literally all you probably did was just put a belt on. These are extremely helpful once you want to cinch your waist, and particularly if you’ve got an oversized sweater or an oversized dress. I feel these really help you define your waist also.

4. Steam iron
Now tip number four is to invest in a very good iron , nothing is worse than wearing wrinkled clothes, even if you put together the best outfit, the most stylish outfit. But if your clothes are wrinkled, it just takes away everything. Which is why i like to recommend steam iron, especially because if you’re an office going or a university going person, early in the morning, you actually can’t stay up for those regular irons to heat up. then you also need to take care about the creases once you use the regular iron. But

with the steam item, you literally just need to put in some water. It literally takes a couple of seconds to heat up and you’ll iron your outfit in only a couple of seconds, which is why I highly recommend this. So, if you’re running late for a celebration or a dinner date, this will really save your life.

5. Minimal makeup
Now, last but not the least is a tip that’s not really clothing related, but more of like makeup related.I highly recommend these three products, which may be a mascara, a coloured lip balm or sort of a nude lipstick. And if possible, a concealer also. And if you really just put mascara or lipstick, it makes an enormous difference to your face. So, whenever you’re stepping out, just make sure that you look presentable. you do not need to put on a foundation whenever you exit . Just a little bit of concealer, a little bit of mascara or maybe a coloured lip balm can do wonders and make you look super stylish and attractive.
So those are my styling tips for you, girls!

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