Jogging or Walking – let Creative Juice flow

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Jogging or Walking – let Creative Juice flow

We all believe that creativity comes naturally, and some people are just lucky enough to be born with it. However, science does not completely agree with this notion. Creativity can be easily acquired by constant practice, learning and observing things around us. You will be surprised to know that we all are born creative, but with age, we lose our creativity. And now there is another way to get your creative juices flowing: Walk or Jog.

As per a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, the simple act of walking or jogging or strolling daily can help you become more creative. Whether you choose to walk in the park, terrace or just in your drawing room, moving your body can help to spur your imagination. Walking as we already know is good for improving cardiovascular health, decreasing the risk of chronic diseases and boosting your mood. Now there is another reason why you must take some time out of your daily schedule and stroll for a while. The best thing is the more you will stay active the more you can expect your creative juices to flow.

The researchers at the Austria’s University of Graz established the connection between walking and creativity after tracking fitness activity of around 80 healthy individuals for five days. The team of experts first asked the participant to complete a series of creative tasks like drawing in the laboratory setting, followed by a series of questionnaires. Finally, they compared all the data and concluded that those who were physically active in day-to-day life were easily able to come up with new and better ideas as compared to those who lived a sedentary lifestyle. Besides, active people also tended to be happier.

This is the latest study that has been able to connect exercising with the level of creativity. Another study published by APA PsycNet in 2014, found that exercising can help in creating successful innovations. These studies are enough to conclude that in order to get creative you need to move your body. Walking is the preferred and the easiest option of all.

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