Railways Signaling

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Signaling is the brain of railways and metro.It has signals, points, tracks etc.Railways works with drivers while metro is driverless and completely automatic.

When a metro is planned signaling plan is made first. It has location details of where signals have to be planned, length of tracks, points which help in changing the track and other sensors.In metro there are three levels. One is train, second is platform and third is a control centre room.

The bogies in a metro are redundant means first bogie and last bogie are copies. If first bogie fails then last bogie starts working. Safety standards are very high in a metro so that there is no loss of life and property.

There are two types of radio in first as well as last bogie. One radio is for sending data and another radio is for sending video from train to platform. Information from platform to control center room is sent by optical fibre. So at the control centre room all movement of trains can be seen along with video.

Any failure is transferred from train to control centre so that it can be attended immediately. Safety standards are very high so that under no condition there is any failure.Technology is encouraging automation in all areas including metro operations…

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