A day in lockdown

A day in lockdown
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A day in lockdown

 I am feeling nervous,

 The biscuit jar is empty, the fridge has no food

 My mouth is wet.

 A Sunday morning didn’t brush.

 I have no single bit of penny in my pocket. 200 rupees remained in the wallet.

In the quarantine days.

I feel tired even if I don’t go anywhere in the last six months..how

The laziness is appearing in my whole body

That I cannot move my body even sometimes cannot move my eyes from the phone!

I decided not to use the phone the whole day.

Then I have memorized that my account is logged in, you can say it is

G mail account but I say my bank account.

Life is going on a different way through the phone since lockdown.

But I think the practice of things is not as much as in college, school…

I remembered when I am at the college

At that time. I was in the exam or in sitting in the classroom.

Feel bored Sometimes… students are clapping

Making noise in front of teachers.

” Twiiip”, a sound came from WhatsApp

Informed me to ready for the class I was

Going to be attended at that time…

It is going to start

at 10:30 …

Also noticed that 

I have to attend the class with my un-fresh mouth…

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