Unequal distribution of Wealth

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Unequal distribution of Wealth

I am also living

Maybe you do not pay attention to my life, 

But I am also living, 

You run in the rain to enjoy the environment, 

I also run in the rain to save my only broken house, 

Sometimes I rope the sow, 

Sometimes I can’t tolerate this bright sunlight of the sun, 

I also wait for the rain, 

I am also living, 

You go to Jim 

To lose your fat in your body, 

I also work hard to earn the bread of one time, 

Sometimes I eat the rest food of yours, 

Sometimes I eat the foods which are provided by Government, 

I also satisfy the hunger of food to live the life, 

I am also living, 

You are busy to choose one cloth of you in front of many, 

I can’t find one cloth of mine properly, 

Why this barrier? 

Why difference? 

We are the same created by the Almighty, 

Then who are you people to draw the boundary between you and us, 

We all are human beings, 

This is the only identity to all of us, 

Why can’t we be equal financially?

We are same in physical appearance, 

We all are human being, 

Then why this division? 

Why this rules and regulations, 

Why this division between rich and poor? 

Division between high and low, 

This is not the God who responsible for this divide and rules, 

This is the human who make this border between you and us, 

Let hand together for living together, for helping together in every single moment of the life, 

This is the things which can make us one, 

This should be only purpose as a human being, 

We should help each other in every problem, in every adversity. 

Then there will be no division between human beings, 

All are equal. 

We should be equal in thinking and economically also. 

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