Winners – Diwali Contest

Winners – Diwali Contest
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Winners – Diwali Contest

We have annouced the Diwali contest for writers in September and requested to send us the writings.

We are surprised and glad to receive so many responses from beloved writers.

Readers have send us lot of mails and promoted in Social Media.

Whole heartedly we love to thank our readers, without you there is no website

On popular demand form readers and writers we have selected more than two writers and distributing across all winners.

Please see below for the winning writers.., note that all are winners and we do not want to distinguish with ranks.

  1. Dr. Anita Chakravarthy
  2. Atish Home Chowdhury
  3. Prasanna
  4. Anonymous Writer
  5. Charvi Seeta
  6. Banshika Maity
  7. Sugandh Kumari
  8. Sikha Baral

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