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The cool breeze swished her long black tresses across her face

As she gently brushed it away with her manicured hands,

Revealed a radiating face, with glowing eyes encapsulating dreams to achieve;

Her reddened lips parted and let out a laugh, endorsing a carefree soul.

Daddy’s little Princesses she was;

Her hand to a knight in shining armour he would give, he always said

Enrobed in a beautiful gown, blazoned with sparkling jewelry

Today she was on her way to her mate’s bridal day.

As she sauntered in savoir-faire, a gush of liquid splashed her face

All she could feel was her melting skin, gnawing her like pins and needles;

She screamed and howled in intense pain, as people started fencing in

Open her eyes when she did, she was laid in a bed with clean white sheet

Crisscrossed with wires she laid there still,

It was an acid attack, she vaguely heard.

Don’t give up my love, you are my fighter girl, whispered her Daddy to his little girl

At first she dithered to look into the mirror; but when she did with fortitude

She saw in there a Survivor, a Conqueror;

A Strong spirit, no acid could lash.

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