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Aditya looked admiringly at the painting in his hand, he felt happy with the bright colours and shading.

The bell rang and he quickly rushed to his teacher and handed over the painting to her.

As he walked out of the art room, his sister Payal ran up to him excitedly”

How was the competition? I’m sure you are going to win.” He returned her smile and said “yeah, I hope so too.” 

A year later Mr. Kumar was filling out Adithya college form he was being sent to a hostel for further studies, A hesitant Adithya approached his dad”

Dad I don’t want to take up science, I want to join fine arts, please dad…”A helpless kumar looked at his desperate son”

Adi you’re my support, you have too many responsibilities , I can’t work for long, I need your help, as a private sales representative I’m finding it hard to make ends meet, then there’s mom’s health issues and what about Payal?

I’m sorry son art is an expensive commodity in the market of careers I can’t afford it. Son you’re too young to understand these things”.

Six years later Adithya walked out of the customs check, he could see his lean dad waiting outside the airport.

It was Priya’s wedding. That night the celebrations were bright but Adithya was dull he looked despondently at the medal on the wall his first prize in the school painting competition,

His dad walked up to him “Beta I have to pay the caters just sign these cheques.” Aditya glared at his dad “Dad are you happy? The wedding went off well.”

Unable to look his son eye to eye kumar said ” yes beta, you’re my blessing in disguise” Aditya smiled sarcastically” Maybe ATM in disguise would be more appropriate dad.

A helpless and sad kumar said “Son, someday you’ll understand me and why I did and what I did, Hopefully then you’ll be able to forgive me.

“Many years later Pranav Adithya son excitedly approached his dad” Dad look at this trophy it’s my first prize in a painting competition.”Adithya  thrilled hugged his son “I’m proud of you son”.

Two years later Pranav joined a fine arts college. A few years later at the International young Artist Association an Exhibition of Pranavs paintings was held many of the paintings were sold.

A happy Pranav that evening approached his dad excitedly “Dad you know many of my paintings were sold , many praised my work but you know which painting got the highest bid?” Adithya gave Pranav a questioning look

“All your paintings deserve the best son, according to me.

No Dad ,the painting which got the highest bid was not mine , it’s yours, I found it in the wardrobe a week ago, I got it framed in this oval portrait. Why dad so much talent wasted…

An emotional Adithya held Pranavs hand “Maybe I was too busy creating a canvass of life for you to paint on, or maybe my Dad could not afford to buy me a canvass to paint on. “A silent Pranav wiped away the tears from his eyes and Smiled” By the way Grandpa was quite a handsome man, it obviously shows in your painting”. They both smiled at each other.

Not all parents can fulfill their children’s dreams but those children who fulfill their parents dream are blessings indeed.

Dedicated to my Elder brother Pramad Nallari , An Engineer by profession but An Artist by heart.

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