Panorama of the plight

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Where are you heading, O ye migrants?

Towards an unknown destiny of survival, 

Under the scorching sun with blistered feet.

How are you doing, O wealthy merchant?

Spending days leisurely in the comforts of my home,

Until the abundant wealth in my pot dissolves.

What are you doing, O rulers?

Passing the policies by sitting in cozy chairs,

Sending out deepest condolences for your grief.

Why are you worried, O ye common man?

Striving hard to get my ends meet,

Hoping to get my livelihood back.

What are you doing, O doctors?

Staking our lives as frontline warriors,

with immense efforts for the nation, till death do us apart.

What are you dreaming, O rich man?

Of exotic places & beaches, I could visit

If it isn’t for all these laws imposed.

How are you doing, O ye little sparrow?

Wings unlocked, chirpy, and burpy!

Flying high with newfound freedom.


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