An UNaddressed letter

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To the friend who I’m attached to more than anyone else,

I didn’t know what mingling of two exotic species meant until I met you. I shall acknowledge now if it’s not this time, my heart is going to haunt me in your absence. You often label me as an extraterrestrial being. I know that I’m weird, weirder than any other person you’ve ever met but also know that I become one only at your sight. 

And here I’m missing your reckless comments on my oddity. I don’t wish to be taunted and stalked by you everywhere I go, they annoy me. Yet I choose to come behind you as a pug dog. You may ask me why and how I’m so immune to your actions. Your absence gave me the perfect answer that I’m obsessed with you and your superfluous deeds. I admire your effort in putting your lively and sporty vibes in sync with mine. Else I would’ve drenched in my lethargic, underrated thoughts.

It’s too late when the realisation hit you that you did nothing except for caching it up, once and for all

— Self thought

I may get annoyed sometimes, but please compose yourself that I’ll be right back with you whenever you need me. It’s been tough staying away from you. But the moments you gave are controlling all my moods perfectly. The mystery behind your skill of reading my mind amuses me till today. How can someone know me so better than myself? If I hadn’t ever met you, me managing my myriad emotions would’ve become a nightmare.

At first, I thought this friendship was never going to happen and that it was just a coincidence. I never imagined how tirelessly you clung on as if it must happen at any cost. You defeated me and here I am imagining you in everything I see, every moment I cherish. Undoubtedly, I’m attached to you more than anyone else.


Tardy peer

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