Atom Bomb – The Mass Killer

AtomBomb @pexels
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When the God created lives, 

Who are we to destroy? 

Lives aren’t a toy! 

Some say war is justifiable, 

War is fair, 

I always find a war is avoidable. 

And it’s always unfair! 

In 1945, when the US dropped an atom bomb first, 

It was their desire to quench their greedy thirst! 

By destructing Japan – almost, 

The entire humanity got lost. 

It was a cold-blooded mass killing, 

Quite scary and bone-chilling! 

No one knew their intent, 

Why to kill kids, commoners and innocent? 

I agree Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, 

Was equally bad and must be abhorred. 

Yet America’s nuclear attack was no option! 

The second world war proved,

How cruel humans can be,

So Always use the word ‘SHUN’

When you come across the word… 

‘The Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Let there be world peace in perpetuity! 

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