When Love Bug Bites You

Love @pexels
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Every time I see your face,

I just can’t explain my happiness.

I just feel it always.

Your cute-cute stare,

Full of beauty, love & care,

Your lovely look & dress,

Make my days!

Every morning I wake up,

I wish you limitless happiness & good luck.

I just love everything about you,

From your curly hair to toe!

Your eyes & the way you talk,

To me, you are the best & the one who always rocks.

I can’t stop looking into your lips,

I’m so much crazy about you,

Everyday my love for you starts anew!

I truly love you too deep!

I love your voice, smile and everything,

Only I can hear what your heart sings!

I will always love & care about you,

How you became part of my life… I really don’t know!

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