Aftereffects OF NIRBHAYA

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The truth is that I am in a male  dominated society. 

It is difficult  to do what you want as a women.

But women  will face more difficulties  when she want to have that she want. Here I am not expert suggest for what should you do and don’t.

Here I am sharing  what I felt after NIRBHAYA  incident.      

So, long back when i was 15, used to go to school  by bus and we girls, 6 or 7 I can’t  remember the exact number, we travel together. One day  i came to the bus stop, found that no girls  were  there and saw only men and boys  in the bus.

This was the only bus which  goes to our  school.  Seeing all the men & boys I got nervous and very scared.  So I decided  to return  home but fortunately I met  my senior who encouraged  me not to scared or nervous. After that I never got that felling.       

Few years later that feelings were scared me again, this time I was giving  1st year of M.A… same situation all the bus seats are filled with men, young boys, middle aged men.

This time no one was there to encouraged me I had to took  my seat in the  bus. I had to sat between  the men or next to them. I didn’t  want to get touch by them  or feel by them.

All the journey, till i reached  the exam center I was not comfortable, i was wiping  my face, I didn’t  want to move an inch, I was staring  all of them… if someone  smiled  at me I stared doubting  him. I was  preparing  myself  for any bad situation, it was really  very very scary, I was shaking because  all the time i was thinking  about  NIRBHAYA  also and those animals who did such  brutality  with her.      

This shows  that i was not trusting any man… I think not only me many girls, women can’t  trust men or boys after NIRBHAYA . I really  don’t  know what security  measures  we should  take,  how we have to behave , how we have to dress, how we have to talk  and  whom to talk etc..

But i want know if it is a male dominated society  then why we girls  are not feel protected. Obviously its a failure  of “male dominated society”….  Still  I CAN’T TRUST MAN.       

Question arises if  man will ever be able to gain TRUST  of women.

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