Yoga for Stress Management

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Do you frequently lose your cool?

Do you get irritated for petty issues?

Then, sit back and relax. Be calm.


2 Ways to stay cool and stress-free in your busy lifestyle:

 Two forms of YOGA namely “Meditation” and “Pranayama” are very good for peaceful mind.

Practicing yoga regularly helps in controlling emotions like anger, depression, and anxiety.

  1. Meditation:

Meditation means “Dhyana”.

Meditation is the best practice to come closer to the self and self- care. It will have deep healing effect on your mind if done n right way.

Meditation is not simple breathing in and out technique but it is to be self-aware keeping away all the distractions. Allow yourself to listen to your breathing pattern and surrounding pleasing sounds.

  1. Pranayama

Another form of yoga is Pranayama. It is made of two words, prana and ayama. Prana means breathe or life and ayama means to regulate. It is said to be the phase prior to meditation.

Pranayama and Meditation both are different. Pranayama is breathing exercise which may not be related to flow of thoughts in your mind while meditation is done with no thoughts in mind or may be called conscious sleep. Practicing pranayama before meditation makes meditation easier.

Woman Meditating in Lotus Pose
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Pranayama is done in three steps,

  • Inhale slowly taking a deep breath.
  • Hold your breath for as long as you are comfortable. Think of diffusing energy and air to your mind and inner organs.
  • Exhale slowly through nostrils.

Repeat these steps for 10-12 times or for 7-10 minutes or as per your convenience.

Happy international yoga day!!

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