Disclosure of the night

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Time is like a river. It passes taking turns with opportunities laid irrespective of every entity” 

The gloomy night is set to rule
With the moon glowing bright anew
perfectly round in deep silence of wild
Work driven humans are lost in slumber
Birds stop chirping, kids close their eyes
And breeze acts strange as the sky deepens
One by one the burning bulbs are shut
To black, cold whisper of an unknown world
Hidden behind the daylight reveals its strength
The flickering candle blows out unlocking the mysteries
As firm eyed owls hoot in content, twitchy eyes of beasts shine fiercely
venomous snakes hiss as shadows scattered surmount the ground victoriously
The await is on the verge, it’s time for the clan in slumber to feed upon
One by one the whole kingdom awakens to lead the night they’re gifted
Until Dawn arrives as the time keeps striding in an infinite loop on & on & on

An another dusk & dawn has just passed and there are numerous ahead to look for. Stay intact!

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