Laxmi Narayan

Laxmi Narayan
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Heritage Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad being a heritage city hides many tales and stories within each and every building in old Ahmedabad (city) as well as various places in the city. Ahmedabad prides itself on a bustling metropolis to rich pre-Mughal heritage sights.

I would like to tell you all one untold real miracle story of my grandparents who are based in Ahmedabad and get a lifetime gift from nature. It’s a real story that happened at the riverfront, Ahmedabad in the nineteenth century.

A Real Story
In 1973, Ahmedabad had experienced one of the worst floods in the river Sabarmati before Dharoi Dam and Vasna Barriage were built. The magnitude of floods at that time of the medieval phase was eight to ten times higher than it is at present.

My grandparents Mr. Ramanbhai Patel and Mrs. Madhukanta Patel were living in Chandradarshan flats, near Dinesh Hall. The location is beside the riverfront Sabarmati. Anyone can watch the shore from the balcony of their house. They used to visit the shore for a walk too. My grandparents have shown the disaster from their balcony tried to help some people too. My grandfather believes strongly in philanthropic work and helps poor and needy people as much as he can throughout his life. On the flip side, my grandmother (89 years old) is a very strong, positive, and active woman. She told us that this was the largest floods, which had drawn Ahmedabad they have ever seen.

After some days, one day my grandparents went on around at the riverbank. Some workers were working on the shore. My grandmother is talkative and hence one of the workers knows her as a familiar face. Suddenly one worker came and give something to them. My grandparents were surprised that why is he giving it to them? But gradually they come to now by chatting that he is very poor and uneducated though honest. The worker was a Muslim guy. So, he gave a small silver Laxmi Narayan figurines covered in wet sand to them. The Muslim worker had found it near the bank of the river.

As it was god my grandmother has kept it and put in the house. We all used to worship it and it is very lucky for all of us. Such a miracle!

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