Please be aware of modern looters!

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Ten years before we don’t have sufficient ATM machines, then after a few years that situation changed rapidly. Now no need to stand in a bank queue for withdrawal slip, no need to fill the form with a borrowed pen.

Looters will be roaming around bank areas and do their routine.

But after the arrival of cards and phone paying apps, they have become digital thieves. Our carelessness and negligence will be their expectation.

The use age of ATM’s is drastically reduced due to cashless transactions. Minimum kb mobile application is much enough to transfer money within seconds. There also we have to deal with passcodes.

An Organised Crime:

On a mid of a week I received a call around 10 am, my caller identifying app displayed my account holding bankers name.

I answered it “sir I am Sumalatha, calling from so and so bank, this call is regarding your debit card reward points” since I was really busy in the office I ask to call back around evening.

While returning from office on a staff bus, I received a call from the same number…

“Sir, This is Raghu, the morning we called you regarding debit card reward points, your redeem date is expired, so we can help you to do it.“

“Yes, what I have to do now”

“Just confirm your customer ID after the beep; I will transfer your call to IVR”.

(Call passed to IVR response along with thanking you for calling #### bank, I entered it)

“Thank you for confirming your details, sir. Tell me your debit card number”.

I Told.

“Sir, please enter the six-digit access code which you received as SMS now”

( I received Sms with six-digit OTP for the confirmation of the purchase for Rs.8500/- at shoppers stop)

Immediately I disconnected the call!

Hoss just miss.

Later I blocked the card, mailed my bank as well as tweeted the entire incident. They responded rapidly to assist me.

They requested me to give the written complaint in my concern branch. I went there and explained it.

They also wondered as well as shocked like me by their organised crime.

It may help you:

Now all mobiles coming with face recognition, if anyone asking our latest selfie means we should be very careful.

• Last week I received a spam mail “Give your finger impressions, we will tell your future for free” initially it appeared like a silly advertisement. Later only I can understand that our impression can unlock our privacy!

• Where ever producing your document copies do self-attestation along with purpose.

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