Book review: Wake up Life is Calling

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Are we all living it to the fullest?

Just read my before article to completely understand this one as WAKE UP LIFE IS CALLING is a sequel to LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.

When it comes to a sequel wait for the book till it arrives. Preeti Shenoy, the author of the book given many books in between the sequel making the readers wait quite a long. Yet the meantime books were wonderful too.

Protagonist’s mental episode

Ankita Sharma completes graduation, joins MBA and discontinue due to her mental illness. Whatever may be the illness if we get a good doctor we are cured 50%. She lands into such situation after tiresome meeting of many doctors. She gets admitted in to a big institution for mental health where she gets to know a doctor who takes more care of her. She feels betrayed by our parents as they admits her in hospital. Her parents are also feeling bad to let her there but her condition is worst as she attempted suicide twice. Mental illness is cured stage by stage where she gets friends.

Free fly to the outer word

After much tiresome times Ankita gets discharged. She gets back to her normal life but doesn’t continue MBA rather she proceeds with her passion. She applies for a creative writing course. She gets through the admission and starts a new life new friends.

Twist and turns

Ankita’s family lives in Mumbai. Mom, dad and her lives a normal happy life but life is a circle. Vaibhav, school friend cum lover comes into her life again as he got placed in an office near her house. Her parents who were strict about talking to guys let her free after this episode of life. She tells all the truth (about Abhi) to him now but the truth hurt him. They end up in breakup. Another toughest part in a cultural fest she meets again the MBA guy with whom she had lip locked before the episode.

The book inside the story

Ankita gets a book from the college library where she does the creative writing course. The book deals with suicide and there is a note in the book. With the above twist and turns she attempts suicide. Her dad graphs her and the book. Actually book is not library’s property, a teacher’s property.

Main character of the book

‘Suicide manual’ book’s owner is a lecturer in that college and the note in that book given to the lecturer by her husband. The life of lecturer and the time spend with her changes the life of Ankita. All the negative thinking, the bad happening and everything which is against her are considered as barriers that is teared aparat by her strength positively to live the life to the fullest.

Grab the book and have a happy ending story that Vaibhav and Ankita marries and live the life happily.

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