Book review: The Belated Bachelor Party

Book review: The Belated Bachelor Party
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How many of you haven’t had a bachelor party?

But had a plan to have one?

Yet cancelled it for some reasons…

It’s not too late to have a bachelor party now even if you are married too like “THE BELATED BACHELOR PARTY”.

Ravinder Singh’s latest best selling novel which is not of love and romance as the previous ones. This book is full of comedy, friendship, food, lust, lazy and crazy. Actually it is the story of author’s experience with his friends but with little fictitious modulations.

The story of four friends(Ravin, Raam hi, Happy and MP) goes with the introduction and their plan to foreign countries. The craziness starts with the visa application and till the end of the book. All four are married and settled with their family in different places yet the four wants to enjoy trip like a bachelor.

Can a women go like this?

With this question all the four husbands get permission with their respective wives by saying lame excuses and some bargains with some other trip with the family. The trip got finalized becomes the first step success of their plan.

The plan is visiting Prague, Czech Republic and Croatia. The trip goes with eating, boozing, adventurous shooting and lust. The final one make them feel like bankrupt and one of the friend’s wife transfers money from India which saved them from local mafia like men.

The Prague chapter went well with enjoyment and they exited Slovenia. The happy gang become a gangster gang at the Croatia entry point as they lacked visa. Only one (Happy) of the friends had visa for entry to Croatia and their return flight to their respective places has been scheduled from there. Ravin who planned the trip missed that this place needs visa and all started blaming. The entry check post officer becomes suspicious about them due to the banned party drug and a riffle cartridge in their luggage. This happened due to the super enthusiasm of two friends in the gang. They get stuck in the no man’s land naked for the officers to check.

After a long tragic drive they reach Vienna totally exhausted. I guess even in a foreign country the religion helps. They were in search of food and Gurdwara helped them with food and the energy to proceed. They rescheduled the flight and headed to their respective places.

Enjoy reading this hilarious book. I recommend to read this hell like reunion of Ravin and plan yours…..

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