Book review: You are the Best Wife

Book review: You are the Best Wife
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How do we choose a book to read?

Some based on the time and some other based on the synopsis at the back of the book.

This is a review about a book that I picked up by fascinating with the title YOU ARE THE BEST WIFE, a debut novel by Ajay K Pandey.

The book with two endings. One is sweet, beautiful and perfect fictious ending. Around 90 pages later is the tragic but real life ending. Yes the book is based on the real life of the author and the money made from the book is given to the charitable trust. I fantasized just with the name only but after reading it, it made me dumbstruck.

Never Surrender…

Problems are opportunities…

These two phrases are used by the author when he is in a pathetic situation. The protagonist joints the engineering college after a gap of one year from the schooling then he didn’t get a replacement but got an MBA admission after which he get placed in a well known company. He meets the love of his life in his bachelor’s degree and successfully grabs her hand in spite of a inter caste marriage but the physical love life lasts just for 8 years as the soul’s love is eternal.

Ajay and Bhavana (protagonist and his love) lived this line. The discussion about the quality and quantity of life reiterated we need to count the blessings of our life. The first perfect ending was fictitious by saying happily married love couple delivered a girl baby. But the later one ended in a way that our eyes are moist enough not able to finish the book. Bhavana gets affected by a rare disease and attends mortality.

Friend in need is a friend indeed.

This phrase was proven by the friends of the protagonist. Each and every relationships, friendship were honoured and portrayed in such a way we respect all the characters. Finally, the protagonist becomes the son of two houses and transform into a NGO activist.

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