Types of people to avoid for a stress-free life

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We all want to live a stress-free life, right? But how many of us know the formula to live a stress-free life. The simple solution to living a life without stress is to surround yourself with positive people. But sometimes, you can’t choose people, but you indeed can avoid some of them to live a stress-free life.

So, what types of people you should avoid to live a stress-free life?

Negative people

There are few people who cannot speak well about anything. They are full of negativity and find it difficult to see the brighter side of life. These type of people breed negativity and spoil the atmosphere. Such type of people should be avoided at all cost as their sole purpose in life is to find people who share the same negativity and inculcate similar negativity in the most positive person. These could be the arrogant superiors or managers who treat everyone below them nothing better than ants and love to find faults in their juniors.

The complainer

There are a few people who complain at the drop of a hat. They would complain about the weather, food, work, traffic and even about themselves. They just take solace in complaining. If the weather is really nice and soothing, they would still find reasons to complain. They just meet people to find fault and complain about them. It could be those useless relatives who have nothing better to do than crib about everything under the sun. They have had never learnt the art of gratitude in their life.

The gossipmongers

They are extremely popular among social circles as they have information about everyone. They are keen observers though and make a mental note of every word you speak to use it against you when the right time comes. So, whether you face a good or a bad time, they would use all those mental notes to gossip and spread rumours about you. Those irritating neighbours are one such gossipmongers. Beware of such people.

The backstabbers

There are people who would show they are the best of friends. But in reality, they would be backstabbers who would not leave any opportunity to put you in danger or in a difficult situation just to save their ass. Such people could be easily the competitive colleague who would treat you warmly but would bitch behind your back to the bosses.

Hence, it is extremely important to choose the people you hang out with wisely as they can have a direct bearing on your personality and the quality of life you want to live.

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