Powerful Talent

Powerful Talent
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Once upon a time in the ashram of bhargavarama, among the disciples, Drona and Drupad were best friends. Drona was perfect in archery. There would be no one in the world that can compete and win against him in archery. Drupad was very proud of Drona and when the training got completed and when they were leaving the ashram, Drupad told Drona that at any given point of time and any type of need, Drona could come to him unhesitatingly.  

Powerful Talent
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Later, Drona got married and a son was born to him. Due to certain unforeseen circumstances, he became very poor. Poverty struck to him in such a way that there was no milk to be fed to baby boy. 

He remembered about the promise made by Drupad to him and went to Drupad. To his shock, Drupad behaved as if he didn’t know Drona and insulted him badly. Drona was so intimidated and hurt that he returned silently thinking how he could take revenge of this insult. 

While he was walking on the road, at one place, he saw some kids playing with a ball and that ball fell into well. Kids surrounded wondering at how the ball could be brought out. Drona went near them and saw their situation. He made a rope out of arrows into the well and with the help of it, he brought  the ball out of the well. Kids were marveled at his excellence. 

The grandfather of the kids, Bhishma, was impressed and went near Drona and asked about his whereabouts. Drona told complete story of him, his poverty and insult made by Drona. Bhishma was very much moved and requested Drona to be GURU for his grandchildren. Drona was very happy and accepted the post. 

Later, Drona trained all the kids.  Of them one kid Arjun, was his favourite student.  The whole training got completed and shishyas asked Gurudakshina. Drona asked to invade Drupad. Arjun and his brothers with at most ease brought Drupad to the feet of Drona. 

Drona looked at him and told him, “Power is something that comes out of talent that you have.  The more talented you are the more powerful you become. ”

Take Away: Talent earns you power, respect and the most important self- reliance.

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