New career moves – After Corona

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The ongoing lockdown is not just helpful in containing the coronavirus pandemic, but it is also teaching great life lessons to those who have been forced to stay at home. And some of us would definitely be learning some unexpected new skills that can pave the way for new career moves once this lockdown gets over.

So, what are those new skills that you can develop during this lockdown? And what are those new career moves you can try?

Become a writer

Those who love writing can definitely pen down their experiences during lockdown. Whether good or bad, experiences are meant to bring a sense of nostalgia when it is read months or years later. Also, if you write it down in a diary, you’ll get a source of storytelling materials that you can narrate to the future generations. And if you feel you enjoy writing and bringing your imagination to book, why don’t you give it a shot as a writer and pen down a book post lockdown.

Online tutor

Those who have been working as teachers in schools or colleges would have realised by now that the future is online tutoring. With working from home going to be the new normal now, it would be wise to develop some educational videos for the students. You can upload it in Youtube or any other online platform and if it goes viral, you could earn from it as well. You can even join companies that provide online tutoring and work for them post this lockdown.

Fitness expert

Going out or socialising is not happening anytime soon. And so is running in the open or working out in the gym. Online fitness just like online tutoring would the new norm now. And if you are the one who loves to exercise and post his or her workout videos on social media, you can claim to be the new fitness guru online. You can open a Youtube Channel of your fitness videos, and get paid if it goes viral.   

The best way to make use of this lockdown is to learn a new skill and monetise it later once the crisis is over. So, dig deep and find your inner talent and make it a new career move post lockdown.

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