Cloud Bullying – Story

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The big fluffy white cloud was basking in the sun. It felt proud that the sun’s rays couldn’t harm it, cannot make it smaller. It was too big even for the mighty Sun. The Big Cloud saw a Small Cloud scurrying by.

 The Big Cloud called out, ‘Hey smallie, smallie’, and grinned. The Big Cloud extended it’s arm and blocked the way of the Small Cloud.

Blue Sky and White Clouds
Cloud –

The Small Cloud stopped and asked, ‘What do you want?’

The Big Cloud said, ‘I want you to go to the sun and tell him hello’

The Small Cloud protested. It said, ‘The last time I did it, I melted. It took a long time to get back to my shape. I will not do it again.’

 The Big Cloud laughed and teased the Small Cloud. It said, ‘Smallie too scared to go near the sun. Should I call you smallie or scarie or both? Smallie Scarie. Scarie Smallie’, and sang so for a few minutes.

The Small Cloud grew black in the face. 

The Big Cloud threw another challenge at the Small Cloud. The Big Cloud asked the Small Cloud, ‘Can you be this?’ and transformed itself into a house, shaped like a hut. After a couple of minutes, it transformed into a tortoise. The Big Cloud gloated over its capability to change.

 The Small Cloud was too small to become anything. The Small Cloud thought for a minute. It whistled and called his friends. The Small Cloud’s friends gathered around it. Just like the Small Cloud, his friends were small too.

The Small Cloud challenged the Big Cloud,‘Oh! you can do only a house and a tortoise. That is so old-fashioned. I have seen my parents and grandparents do that. I will show you what we can do.’

 The small clouds merged into one another and formed a car. The car said, ‘vroom vroom’. 

The small clouds became an airplane and made a noise, ‘Whooooooooosh.’ 

 The Big Cloud grew black in the face. It came towards the small clouds’ at full force. The Big Cloud and the small clouds’ pushed and punched one another and made thunderous sounds. They attacked one another with lightning bolts.

The combined strength of the small clouds’ defeated the Big Cloud. It was injured. The small clouds’ moved away, with their heads held high. The Big Cloud cried in pain. The tears of the Big Cloud fell as rain and moistened the parched earth.

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