Rosogolla Is The National Pride Of India

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Rosogolla or Rasagola can be an India’s global face of ‘Made In India’ product with better branding and innovation.

Rosogolla Is The Purest Bliss Of Life

This is the one product with several names. Exactly, that’s the importance of rasgulla in India. It has a slightly different name across the Indian states yet it’s a must-have dessert across the country for all major events. Be it marriage or birthday parties, the presence of Rosogolla can’t be ignored. Even the entire world knows its ‘Pure Indianness.’

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Rosogolla comes with its unique shape and color. It has a shape of a ping-pong ball and is prepared from cottage cheese and semolina dough and cooked in light sugar-made syrup. It has an amazing and yummy taste. No doubt, it’s the pride and taste of India. In Bengal, people call it Rosogolla while it is known as Rasagola in Odisha. And the rest of India knows it by ‘Rasgulla.’

Top 6 Tips to Make Rosogolla or Rasgulla The Pride of India 

  • Rasgulla or Rosogulla or Rasagola has very moderate amount of sugar. Diabetic people can gallop 2-3 pieces of rasagola in a month. 
  • Medically, Rasagolla has continued to be stomach-friendly. It cures indigestion and gives relief to people during loose motion. 
  • Rasagola is one of India’s ancient desserts. We should ask foreign tourists to taste it, and put forward their honest feedback about this delicious dish. 
  • India’s food processing industry should seriously look into the further prospect of exporting rasagolla to more customers on a global scale at an affordable price. 
  • Foreign dignitaries should be welcomed to India with a bowl (imprinted with Thanka or Madhubani or any other Indian art on its edges and sides) of Rasagola. By doing so, we will be also able to promote our rich and glorious heritage in art. 

Finally, Rasgulla is the national pride of India. We should eat and consume it on any national occasions be it Independence Day or Republic day. Rosogolla is far healthier than jalebis! Mind it!

If India really wishes to popularize its food products worldwide, then we have to work together. We should globally promote Rosogolla in such a way that we can make it a worldwide brand representing India’s age-old culinary art of preparing tasty desserts in traditional style. 

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