Gujjus are so helpful

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A Gujju was at US Airport and while pushing his trolley he collided with a young German pushing his cart….

The Gujjubhai immediately apologised:

Sorri bro I am looking phor my wife and I wos not carephul where I was going…

The young German says:
That’s OK.. It’s simply an accidental thing…
I’m looking for my wife, too.
I can’t find her….

Gujjubhai: Then we can help each other. How your wife looks….?

German: Well, she is 24 years old, tall, with smooth hair, big blue eyes, long legs, and she’s wearing tight clothes and a
low cut see through top…. What does your wife look like….?

The Gujju said:
To hell with my wife…
let us look for your wife….

See…? Gujjus are so helpful…..

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