IT People – Thank You

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Because of IT people

The whole world is in Corona crisis but IT people are working from home.

Because of IT people All banking systems continue to function.

Because of IT people the stock trading system continues as it is

Because of IT people All hospitals are functioning because of websites and softwares

Because of IT people ATM software works 24 hours a day to keep it running smoothly,

Because of IT people 24×7 hours of monitoring to keep all websites running,

Because of IT people Internet, phone services are running because softwares that IT people manage.

Because of IT people There are millions of mobile apps that you use every day because of IT

Because of IT people You get uninterrupted Updates on all the news channels because of the news softwares

Because of IT people All entertainment channels are functional because of softwares
Facebook WhatsApp etc. Social media is functioning efficiently today because of IT people.

Because of IT people Your kids  are learning online because of IT.

Because of IT people 
Pharmaceutical software are running and managed by IT researching software is made by IT people,
All lab test reports are made.

Because of IT people The software that manages the power grid are maintained by IT 
There is nothing in the world today that does not require computers and softwares

IT people are working from home so as to ensure everything continues to run smoothly.

Salute to life saving doctors, nurses, salute to police, cleaners, salute to millions of subsistence farmers …..

And the All IT guy working behind the scenes

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