Inspiring Relationships

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Suresh was blessed with intelligence in his genes. His father was a Mathematics Professor and his mother was a gynecologist. So no wonders about his aptitude.

What was not expected! Suresh was born after 10 years of marriage. He was a smart child, loved and adored by his family.

His parents proceeded to enroll him in the best school and he picked up early. The only trouble – his classmates were envious of this smart and intelligent kid.

Rakesh was his best friend from lower kindergarten. He spent time with him, playing and learning from Suresh.

Shirly entered his life in the fifth standard. She had moved in from the next state. Something in Suresh’s eyes attracted her to him. His infectious smile, the dimple in his cheeks, his intelligence – she could not say what it was.

Rakesh, Suresh, and Shirly played and lunched together. They were inseparable. She also competed with him in their studies.

There was a friendly rivalry between them. But they helped each other in lessons where doubts existed.

Shirly invited both her friends to her first birthday party since she joined the new school. They went. She introduced them to her parents, who liked them both. They observed she had a soft corner for Suresh.

It was a given that Suresh would become a doctor like his mother. Rakesh chose to become an engineer while Shirly showed a preference for teaching.

Rakesh had a crush on Shirly but was unsure if she had the same feelings. After all, they had been together since their fifth standard.

Suresh completed his doctorate and chose Internal Medicine as his specialization. He also loved to do research and wanted to come up with new drugs to ease people’s troubles.

He was successful first as a consultant and then as a surgeon. His practice and love for research meant little time for other activities. The three of them met once a month and caught up with the happenings in their lives.

After one such interaction, Rakesh sounded out Suresh. He informed him that he loved Shirly, but was unsure of opening up. Also, he did not how she would react to his proposal.

Suresh met Shirly and informed her that Rakesh loved her. She smiled and replied, “Yes I know he has feelings for me based on how he smiles and talks to me.”

So Suresh asked if she was open to Rakesh’s love. Shirly revealed that she loved another person but was uncertain of his feelings.

“It is you I love”, she blurted out. Suresh was shocked and left the place quietly.

Firstly he did not expect this. Secondly, he did not want to hurt his best friend.  He avoided her messages and meeting him.

Rakesh went on an official trip abroad. Before leaving he went to meet Shirly and inform her of his feelings for her.

She replied, “Suresh told me of your love. I had informed him that I loved him.” Since then he has refused to meet me or reply to me as you were with him longer as a friend.

Suresh’s research on drugs was going on well. The onset of Covid-19 and the troubles people were going through affected him. He wanted to work and come out with a drug to help people return to normalcy.

Rakesh returned after six months and was diagnosed with Covid 19 and quarantined. Suresh was the Doctor assigned to treat patients. He was shocked to see Rakesh in the quarantine ward.

Rakesh was in the final stages of his disease. He informed Suresh to marry Shirly as she understood him and loved him.

Suresh wanted to speed up his drug analysis to help Rakesh. The trials of his drug first on volunteers showed positive results. However, it could succeed only if the patient was in Stage 2 of the disease.

The approvals from the authorities and the government for the drug was fast. The files and case history of volunteers showed the drug was curing them.

Drug companies were now after Suresh, as there was huge potential globally to market and profit. Suresh refused to meet any of the pharmaceutical agents. He wanted a company that would make the drug available at a nominal price and not make a killing

Several companies sent their price and marketing offers to Suresh. He zeroed in on Ziplak Pharmaceuticals as they had a proven record on pricing and ethical practices.

The drug hit the market, became a big success as it helped cure patients. The demand was 10 times the supply and Ziplak people were working around the clock to meet the demand.

Rakesh met Suresh on his last day and gave him a letter. In that we wanted Suresh to marry Shirly. Suresh informed Shirly of Rakesh’s death.

She went to his place to mourn their friend’s death. After the formalities, she asked him why he chose Ziplak Pharmaceuticals. Several companies were willing to pay him huge money for the drug.

Suresh replied, “The purpose of doctors is to heal the patients and help them lead better lives. Hospitals, medical companies, laboratories, and

research  should do this.”  Ziplak fulfilled these criteria and I went for them.

After the cremation and mourning, the families of Shirly and Suresh gathered at Rakesh’s place to remember his memory. Rakesh’s mother gave Suresh a letter and asked him to read it.

The letter was written before he had gone abroad. In that letter, Rakesh told his parents that Shirly loved Suresh and he wanted them to get married, though he loved her.

Shirly burst into tears and left the place. Suresh took the letter and left home.

The drug had succeeded massively and people’s lives were slowly returning to normalcy. Suresh was hailed as a savior and interviewed by the media.

During his interaction on why he chose Ziplak and price. Suresh replied, “The world has gone through a lot of pain and suffering. Across continents, irrespective of nationality, religion, and social status, people have been impacted.

“Lives have been lost, businesses closed and future remains uncertain. In such a time, the least I could do is come with the drug and make it affordable to all and help restore belief in medicine”.

On being probed further he broke down and informed the media of the death of his best friend and well-wisher to the disease and the drug as a tribute to him.

After three months’, Suresh informed his parents that he wanted to respect Rakesh’s final request and accept Shirly’s proposal. He sought the permission of Rakesh’s parents to meet at their place.

The families met and Suresh told Shirly that he accepted her proposal and would marry her.  The three families were overjoyed. They chose the birthday of Rakesh as their marriage day. The pre-nuptials took place in front of his smiling picture.

The two friends united in life and settled down. They never forgot their friend who had brought them together in his death.

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