How to handle bullying in School?

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How to handle bullying in School?

Bullying has become common in school. Almost every kid in school would have to go through bullying in some form or the other. Bullying can destroy the self-worth of a child and can cause great harm to his emotional well being. Some schools now have strict rules against bullying. However, bullying is still considered an alien concept in most of the educational institutions and brushed off under the carpet. They are dismissed as part of growing up.

So, how can you handle bullying in school?

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For a child

A child is usually bullied on his weaker aspects of his personality. A child can be bullied on his physical appearances, caste, colour or even academic performances. It could be name calling or even verbal and physical abuse. A child would be too shocked to deal with such situations.

But if it’s harmless bullying, the child can just ignore it or laugh it off. Usually, the perpetrators take pleasure on seeing their target suffering from the bullies. But if the child just couldn’t care of the bullies, it would slowly die down.

But that is easier said than done. If the bullies are offensive, physical or verbal abuse, the child must bring it to the attention of his class teacher. If bullies still continue, the parents must get involved and talk to the school authorities.

For the teacher

A teacher must keep eyes on bullies. It’s the responsibility of the teacher to see that the child enjoys a favourable atmosphere at the school. The teacher must take responsibility to nip the bullies in the bud. It’s fine to get the principal involved to eradicate this menace from the school.

For the parents

A parent must keep a note his or her child’s behaviour. If there is sudden change in the child’s behaviour, the parents must enquire emphatically the cause of the problem. If the problem is due to bullies, the parents must get in touch with the teachers and principal to secure their child’s well-being.

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