Cleanliness Never Fails

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Ram and Shyam were cousins. They lived in the same street and were also classmates.

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Ram maintained his home and surroundings clean and tidy. He kept his things in order. He rarely fell sick.

He also helped his parents in household work. He helped the elderly and old people in his street in whatever way he could. He was adored and loved by everyone.

After returning home from school, playground or market, he washed his hands, feet and face and was always well groomed.

Shyam was the quiet opposite of Ram. His place was always untidy and dirty. His books and clothes lay scattered across his house.

His parents had to help him find his books, uniforms everyday before he left school. They kept on advising him but Shyam never listened.

After coming back from outside – school, playground, or market he rushed to kitchen and checked what food was available for him. His mother kept scolding him and asked him to wash his hands and be clean. He never listened.

One day when returning from market he contracted the Covid19 virus from friends who were playing nearby. The government authorities took him in an ambulance for quarantine and treatment.

He could not watch his favourite TV programs or eat the food he liked. He had to wash his own clothes and clean his place. He felt lonely and homesick.

While in hospital Shyam realized whatever his parents and teachers had advised him – on hygiene, and doing his own work. He resolved to be clean and neat, and listen to his parents, teachers and elders.

He recovered and re-united with his parents and became a changed boy.

Remember children, cleanliness helps you and everyone around you.

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