The Horror Of Villa No. 789 – A Story

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Vikas (fictitious name), 12, is a brave boy, and fears none. He is not just intelligent, but a witty and quick thinker too. Vikas often notices a desolate villa with no people around just a few yards away from his school.

One day, he asked his dad, “Do you know who lives there (Villa Number – 789)?

Dad said, “That is a desolate house. No one lives there.”

One night, he planned to find out the reality of that mysterious abandoned house without informing anyone.

One night, he silently took his smartphone (with GPS and voice recorder function on) reached that house. He was stunned what he saw before his eyes!

Real Blood-Sucking Ghosts Were There

Vikas was stunned. The villa was full of light.

He hid himself behind trees and bushes and watched on. He quickly noted down the full location details of the house in his diary and left that there.

He started recording everything that he saw on his camera recorder.

When Horrors Turned Into A Reality

Vikas saw few strange masked men, with loads of cartons and boxes.

Slowly, he came to understand that the house was neither “haunted” nor “desolate” but a safe haven for antisocial elements.

They regularly carried out their illegal activities during the late midnight hours. Without wasting a moment, Vikas quickly sent an “SMS” to the police, and also took out the memory card hiding the same inside his shoes.

Suddenly, one of the persons attacked him from behind and a masked man came from behind and tied his hands and legs.

The criminal then tied his lips so that he can’t shout. Vikas was surprised – no ghosts were there but a lots and lots of boxes of drugs and cocaine.

Around 20-30 were there inside the house!

Can Police Save Vikas from Dreaded Criminals?

Meanwhile, Vikas’s parents woke up and they were extremely worried. Vikas was nowhere in the house.

The Police officers rushed to the exact spot – thanks to Vikas’s timely SMS and GPS device.

And then the police officers arrested all the criminals.

Vikas was rescued and taken to his parents. Vikas handed over the “memory card” to the police officers as evidence of what he saw.

Soon, Vikas was aptly rewarded for his bravery at such a little age.

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