A tale of an Island – Short Story

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 Long long years ago their was an Island named ‘vanarlok’ where all the population belonged to monkeys. There were monkeys in every shape and size.    

Vanarlok was very prosperous and sweet place. All monkeys used to live happily with each other everyone loved each other. The place was very beautiful blessed with a river named Narmada flowing behind it. People called river their own mother as it provides them the very important thing for living jal (water) and respect it. They never used to pollute the river. The river water was as clean as the glass.

Siva Temple
Siva Temple

There was a large temple of shiva with a glorious looking statue of God shiva, near the river and outside the island. The large and rounded ceiling of temple was carved in various flowers increasing it’s beauty. if we yell something near it can hear the sound 7 times.           

But the whole temple was very messed and dirty because there was no worship or aarti done in many years. This condition gives a look of haunted place and people were afraid of going there.       

Because this heaven have lately gotten a jinx of whom ever monkey was afraid of called raja Bandraj.  Bandraj was a evil king of Vanarlok. He wanted everyone to fear of him. He lockdown the temple in order to tell people that no other god bigger than him.        

He ruined the beauty of place. He was very good king he never pained anyone but he wants everyone to be his slave and always afraid of him. Bandraj used hang anyone who will go against him. He stated their family as abase(shudra) and beat them. Bandraj wanted to become immortal(aamar) and remain as a king forever.                 

Bandraj was blessed with a wife called banddevi, she was so beautiful and gorgeous. One sight of her can make anybody’s day. She used to wear golden attire which increases her beauty. She loved bandraj very much she knew he was evil but still she loved him.

Days were going happily and bandraj was attending an assembly when a darbari(minister) came inform everyone that king was going to be father.    Bandraj become so happy he distributed various sweet and gold in whole Vanarlok. Everyone was happy lots of parties were held and people enjoyed the arrival of little prince.     

But suddenly Bandraj realized that if there would be a prince he will one day take over his position and he becomes angry he decided that he will kill his own son after his arrival.  But Banddevi was also aware of this she knew his intention. Before Bandraj could get his son she succeed to run away from the palace.  She went to the shiva temple and live there. She knew even if she loved Bandraj she have to save everyone from him. Because no one can be as powerful as him but only his own son . And his son was determined to take over his father and save Vanarlok.     

She raised son Devraj with love and care she daily gave him lessons that no one is greater than god and we all belonged to him. She teaches him to be a strong king and a loving person.      

They both lived in the shiva temple till ten years and Bandraj was failed to trace them, he tried everything but it didn’t work because this time god shiva was with him. Then finally she told Devraj about his father and the only way to defeat his father was to get the lotus flower grown deep inside the Narmada river she knew she was sending her own son in lot danger but she want him to be strong.   

Devraj was so unhappy to know about his father. He went river to pray first and began his journey. First he saw so many crocodile in the river he have to pass them to get the flower, he didn’t fear and jumped on their backs. Devraj was very fast he easily defeated them.   

Crossing them he found the abatis (plant having throne). He has to break it and go forward. He remembered his mother’s training and her words. He strongly swim below the plants. And after so many spectacle he reached to the flower.

Returning home he gave the flower to his mother they both give it to god shiva and pray God Shiva for the strength and power.     

Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva

They both went to the palace and Devraj defeated Bandraj’s army.  Bandraj try to warn him to keep away from him on one was stronger than him. But Devraj didn’t afraid. For a moment he prayed God shiva along with his mother and started fighting with Bbandraj. Bandraj didn’t knew but now he was gotten weak due to his age. Devraj defeated Bandraj and Bandraj started yelling  “Please leave me my son I am your father”.  Devraj was not like Bandraj, he was so kind hearted. He left Bandraj and tell him to be a good person and power is not greater than love. Then whole people of Vanarlok started shouting  “King Devraj, live long” “Kind Devraj live long”.  Bandraj gave his seat and power to Devraj and Devraj becomes the new king. They worshiped the god shiva together and Vanarlok started living happily.

So this is how life is never completed without god. Power is never greater than love.     

 Author: Gayatri Deshmukh(Striti) stritideshmukh1993 at gmail.com

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