Fox and Elephant

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A fox and an elephant lived in a forest.


The elephant was very gullible and the fox was very clever.  One day the fox said to the elephant, “elephant! you are very powerful.  No other animal has such a huge body and strength as you.  Can you break the banana on the tree and give it to me? “The elephant was very happy to hear his praise. He smiled and said” fox  I am so powerful and I can break that whole banana tree and all the bananas on it.  Can give you “.

Hearing this, the fox said, “Oh, wow! Then pluck you whole tree.”
With the help of his trunk, the elephant caught how many for him and with all his strength uprooted the banana tree with roots and gave all the bananas on it to the fox.  The fox is very happy to see this.

Then the fox said, “Elephant! You are such a powerful intelligent, powerful and huge-bodied animal, will you befriend me.”

The elephant was overjoyed to hear so much of his praise and he befriended the fox.


After meeting the elephant, the fox harassed and harassed all the animals in the forest.  Whenever the elephant brought food, he also brought food for the fox. One day the fox and elephant were walking in the forest.  Then the elephant’s old friend, the elephant, said to the elephant, “Friend! This fox is very selfish. Break off the friendship with it because it is only seeing selfishness.”

Hearing this, the fox said to the elephant “Look! Friend it wants to break our friendship. You break your friendship with it right now. Anyway, you are such a powerful intelligent and huge bodied animal that you don’t need to be with it.”

The elephant gets into the fox’s talk and he breaks up with his friend.  One day the elephant and the fox were walking in the forest, then a hunter came there and threw his big net and arrested the elephant, then the elephant asked the fox, friend, help me, then the fox said “No, I do not help you  Will do it otherwise this hunter will take me captive as well. “

She ran away while saying this.  Then the elephant’s old friend came there and the hunter started to grow faster.  The hunter also got nervous seeing his angry elephant coming fast and he fled from there.  The elephant’s friend tore the trap with his trunk and freed the elephant.  Then the elephant regrets its mistake.

Moral of the Story: – Never befriend selfish people.

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