Turtle and Rabbit

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This is at a time when there was an old rivalry between the turtle and the rabbit because the turtle once defeated the rabbit in the race and it was because the rabbit was asleep at that time and the turtle slowly walked and won the race.

Once the monkey told the rabbit’s family that “Look your grandfather had lost the race to the turtle. You again challenge the turtle to race and this time you win the race and teach those turtles a lesson.”  The rabbit obeyed the monkey. the rabbit family challenged the turtle family to race. 

Now the turtle family had to accept this challenge and the rabbit families decided together that if the rabbit wins, the turtle family will have to give all their wealth and if the rabbit loses they will give all their property to the turtle.Both families accepted this fact. 

After this, the family of turtles got worried because they knew that this time the rabbits will not make the old mistake.  Then they all went to their friend Bear.  The bear promised to help them and was given 7 days to complete the race. 

This time the rabbit was determined that they would all win the race this time.  As soon as the race started.  The rabbit started running at a rapid pace.  But the turtle kept moving slowly.  6 days had passed.  On the seventh day when all the animals were standing on the last part of the race waiting for both.  Everyone was surprised when the turtle was slowly coming to the end of the race and the turtle won the race. 

Then the rabbit running fast reached there and the rabbit was surprised to see the turtle.  The rabbit accepted his defeat and gave the entire property to the turtle.  Then the rabbit left from there.  Then the monkey asked the turtle “How did you win the race?”Then the turtle said that “We knew that this time the rabbits would not make an old mistake and this time something would be manipulated and the rabbit also did the trick. Two similar rabbits came running in the race. When one was tired  The second one ran.”

The monkey was surprised to hear this and said “How did the rabbit lose even when he did such a big trick?”

Hearing this, the tortoise said, “We knew that the rabbits were the tricksters. So we also took the help of the bear and kept a lot of sweet and red carrots in the middle of the paths. After eating it the rabbit  Sleep would come and go to sleep at night and at that time the tortoise kept going all night and while doing so, we won this race. “

Moral of story : – No one should be considered small and those who work hard will not lose.

Written by Jay Jetwani (jayjetwani54321 at gmail.com)

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