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A monkey lived in a forest and was a big doodle.  He used to eat food from others.  But when no one gives him food.  So he used to steal food. 

One day he saw that everyone is eating food, but no one is giving him food to eat.

Tired of defeat, the monkey got angry and left the forest. 

He stayed outside the forest on his way to the city.  But after being hungry for many days, his health deteriorated and he fainted. 

Then a man from a city saw him and the man took pity on that monkey.  Took him to his house
And made him the pet of his house. 

The monkey also became very happy.  The man also sent the monkey to school.  After teaching in school, the monkey started speaking and walking like humans and that man made the monkey capable of taking care of himself by doing a job. 

After all this man went abroad to do business.  When he came back to the city after a long time, when he saw the condition of the monkey, he was surprised because the condition of the monkey was the same. 

Despite getting so much education, he could not follow his own self because he was lazy and did not like to work and used to steal food.  Seeing all this, the man drove the monkey out of his house.

Moral of story: – Bad habits are not good.  They ruin life.

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