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Some pilgrims were heading towards Varanasi. Feeling tired  they sat down under a tree.

It was a lonely place. Suddenly a giant sprang up before them. “you are pilgrims, are you? You be, full of compassion for one another. Let me see, one of you must volunteer to come forward to be, eaten up by me. If nobody comes forward, I will eat all of you!’

Each one thought that someone else would volunteer to die. Nobody came forward.

“I will eat all of you, one by one” announced the giant. At once  everybody began to cry and whimper.

One member of the party, Sushil, who had been left behind reached there just then. He learn what the situation is. He came closer to the giant and said, “Here I, am. You may eat me and spare the rest.”

The giant caught hold of him and lifted him up but said, “My brave friend, you are really noble. For your sake, I’ll not harm anybody!” He then left Sushil and went away, laughing loudly.

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