Mother Earth – Man’s Early Teachers

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We have already told you about the value of birds and beasts in relation to the life of man. We may not be conscious of it, but the fact is, the beasts and birds were also the early teachers of man.

The primitive man learnt how to run, looking at the beasts, the expert runners. His dream of flying, which became a reality thousands of years later, were inspired by the birds. Observing how the bees collected and stored honey, he must have learnt the value of preservation. Looking at the procession of ants and the covey of flying birds, man must have learnt about the worth of being together, acting in a collective way.

The early man did not know which fruit can be eaten and which cannot. In this, too, birds and beasts gave him the clue.

Creatures like jackals and rabbits on the land and the numerous birds resting In the trees taught man what to eat and what to avoid.

They did much more. They informed the primitive man, through their movements and their sounds, when rains and other natural events could be expected.

Thus, in innumerable ways man earned his adulthood through the help of birds and beasts.

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