Madurai: Best experience for travelers

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Madurai: Best experience for travelers

Madurai connectivity is extremely good with other parts of the country. Even foreign travelers join Madurai for travel or pilgrimage.

 Both train or plan reach us to Madurai. I am quite sure that Madurai travel experience is always in human memory.

 Madurai provides us lots of information with geography books and travel. When travelers thinking for vacation, Madurai is one of the best choices.

Travel experience is important for human beings’ wellbeing and physical fitness also. Because of travel? We become wisdom.

 There is a lot of benefit of travel. Madurai is one of the cities perfect for explore. I always know about from my childhood about Meenakshi temple.

I want to see Madurai at least once time in lifetime. I hope I will host my entire family for that amazing trip. I listen from my friends that Madurai hotel and ambiance is just full of pleasure experience.

 I study about this place that Madurai is rich historical background and connected with spirituality and lord Shiva.

 Many travelers like Megasthenis visit Madurai in 3rd century BC. In Madurai, great cuisines like boondi, ladoo, Halwa, Kara sev, etc. available in the market.

 You choose location. Which destination in Madurai in your plan in individual travel journal. Make a travel journal is the best idea to express in writing form.

Some points about Madurai- This city is old inhabitant and human settlements in probably 2,500. It is known as the temple city.

 Devotees come for blessings of Goddess Meenakshi. Attractive festival fascinated here all travelers and worshipers.

 Five entrance towers. We all love to say Madurai Athens of the east. We all love to Madurai legends, Mythology, and travel for see this glories past.

 Popular dance Bharatnatyam, music, particular cuisines related to it.

 This place is also renowned for Tamil wonderful arts and literature.

Natural Beauty of Madurai- Outstanding beauty of this place. This city is magnificent monuments of sculptures.

 This city is located in the sacred bank of river Vaigai. In south India, Madurai is a place that offers you hill station and a number of parks.

 Menakshi Amma temple its core in Madurai or world-famous. All travelers or devotee enchanting Madurai great station for refreshing.

 We chanting hymns here in the temple and visiting this place. This is a hotspot where our divine awakening. This is the perfect trip for relaxing ourselves from personal and professional stress.

Ancient trade route- Like all parts of India. Madurai also attracted the Roman merchant or travelers. If the history students seeing this place.

 Then he or she relates to the ancient period of Madurai trade route is popular for spice. Roman merchant with their soldier come ancient Madurai for many factors. Commercial factor is one of them.

 In our scriptures, ancient roman known as a Yavanas. In ancient times Madurai paper trade is vital for business purposes.

 Roman traders introduced wine and many things. They interacted with local people of ancient India. Ancient Madurai fusion of culture.

 In excavation, Roman coin was found in Madurai. People consider Madurai as a knowledgeable trip for students, all visitors, and who want to recall the past with sculptures, fragmented stones, great architecture, museum, and inscription.

Outstanding architecture of Madurai- ancient city Madurai architecture is one of the brilliant in all over India.

 All travelers, devotees desire to see from their own eyes to great architecture and one of the pilgrimage centers in India. Madurai architecture is all about based on Dravidian architecture South Indian temple style. Madurai is different from north Indian temple style. Madurai architecture is guided by Vaastu sastra design.

Mountains of Madurai- It is known as a cultural place in Tamil Nadu. Mother nature makes beautiful Madurai with lots of natural beauty.

 Madurai is fertile land situated in the river Vaigai. Sirumalai and Nagamalai are situated in the north and west of Madurai. Meghamalai is a very beautiful mountain in Madurai.

 Azhar Kovil Hills are both for tracking and worshipping for Hindu religion. This is the famous mountain of Madurai.

Madurai is a place of history- Madurai is considered as a place of history, culture, and architecture. Explore all historical places and feel this place is ancient, referring to historical written evidence.

 Madurai history is timeless but still beautiful because of this city’s’ aura. Tourists have a chance to visit Gandhi memorial museum, Tirumalai Nayak Palace, Koodal Azhagar Temple. All travelers want to experience the rich antique of Madurai in a different period of time.

 For history students’ trip to Madurai to understand art form, music, and dance is fascinating. Just imagine, Madurai history old as 3rd century BCE.

 But still, this place is so vital for our soul connection. This place chanting and hymns are mesmerizing. With the historical aspect of Madurai, people love to watch the wildlife sanctuary.

 Madurai is a gem- Visitors adorns Madurai it’s all excellence aspect like great market, rich tradition, folklore, and mythology.

 Madurai is a place of spiritual diversity for worshippers. People from all over India want to reach Madurai for vacation.

 In the trip, people have to a proper guide, map overall travel suitcase, travel accessories, correct route.

 All travelers experience that spiritual energy of Meenakshi Amman temple.

 Tirumalai Nayakkar palace is reminded us historical events. All travelers should do Kodaikanal. As, it is pleasant weather. Lakes make a realm in our eyes and memory. This hill station is cool climate. Many things to do in Madurai with friends and family for travelers.

 Ironically, this old town says its history and welcome Madurai tourists. This place street is shining and vibrant with enthusiasm of tourists.

 So, heart touching Madurai people’s warm. Madurai is the best place where you surround with temple bells sound. Very positive aura of this place fusion with human aura.

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