No is best way to protect yourself from uncomfortable zone

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No is best way to protect yourself from uncomfortable zone

I came from humble background and that learned a lot from life. I have observed that the people around are not quick to say no, even when faced with serious issues.

It’s true that life can be a great teacher, and we can learn a lot from our experiences and the experiences of others. However, it’s important to also seek out knowledge and education from other sources, such as books, teachers, and mentors.

In terms of saying no, it’s important to remember that it’s okay to say no when we need to. Saying no can be a form of self-care and self-respect. It’s important to set boundaries and to prioritize our own well-being. However, it’s also important to communicate effectively and respectfully when saying no, and to offer alternatives or solutions when possible.

Overall, learning from our experiences and those of others is important, but we should also seek out knowledge and education from other sources and learn to say no when we need to, while communicating effectively and respectfully.

But believe me no is best solution rather than puzzle of thoughts. Someday are not like another day. So feelings and mental condition are of  people are not experiment same type of experiences.

Saying no does not make us bad people. In fact, setting healthy boundaries and being honest with ourselves and others can be a sign of strength and self-respect.

It’s important to remember that we cannot always please everyone, and it’s okay to prioritize our own well-being and values. Saying no can also lead to healthier and more authentic relationships, as we are communicating our needs and values clearly.

So, if you need to say no to something, don’t worry. You can still be a kind and compassionate person while setting healthy boundaries and taking care of yourself.

This not eassy and comfortable. Everybody agree that formula to say no is  highly courage. Talented person never care about much rather then only honest statement.

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Truth path is only saying humbly no. No is nothing more than disagreements.

From my perspectives it very easy to say no rather than dishonesty. I respect human emotion. This way I know people don’t want to disappoint anybody. Because by nature we all are connected. Human’s beings are social. They don’t want to upset another fellow. People pleasure person it almost impossible to say know.

Actually it is practice. If we don’t practice to say no. Then we face many obstacles. In our upbringing one thing put in our mind that no is bad term. Our parents and teacher inspires us to say yes. But intention of them are good. They expect no bad motive people encounter us in our life.

Our elder expect us behave god way and always nod with yes. But practically yes is always sound unrealistic. Some case no is vital for our growth.

Different and unique concept of no

We all have to realized that no is most powerful tool for our comfort zone. You say no with respect and  love gesture. That way your love ones and strangers never get upset with no.

In work front or personal life some time no important aspect for your growth. Discover many tactics to deal with human beings psychology.

Saying power of no reflects your honesty and wisdom. No need to extra sweet with anybody. Go extra miles for your truthiness of conversation and discussion. If need then say no.

Inlayer your brave soul. Who is care free from people judgments? That is one theory that people of self doubt not say no. Like it’s ok to say no to boss in office. If this need.

Human tendency to love entire world population. Without any reason. Better is to accept that please to everybody is not possible.

You can priorities your priority. Use education to understand that by nature we all are different. So disagreements are natural.

Teach our kids also say no if situation need. Can you imagine even we pleased strangers.

If anybody really understand you. Then they never judge. Life is become more complicated to always try to please other.

Philosophy can certainly provide us with insights and tools to help us deal with anxiety and stress. One of the most well-known philosophical concepts related to this is stoicism, which teaches that we should focus on what is within our control and let go of what is not. This means that we should accept that there are certain things we cannot control, such as external events or the behavior of others, and focus instead on cultivating inner peace and resilience.

Honesty is also a key value in many philosophical traditions. Being honest with ourselves and others can help us build trust, integrity, and meaningful relationships. When we are honest, we are not carrying the burden of secrets or deception, which can contribute to feelings of anxiety and stress.

However, it’s important to note that there are many factors that contribute to happiness and well-being, and what works for one person may not work for another. It’s important to find the practices and strategies that work best for us as individuals, whether that be through philosophy, therapy, mindfulness, or other means.

In nutshell, my vision is only to try to help other in their entire life. I don’t interfere your way. My point is clear that have to understand to say no if situation demand.

Adopt high moral value. Its help us to create peaceful atmosphere. Always be logical. Logic evolves as a intelligent.

From the layman perspectives not become always please people. You also say no if you wish to say it with dignity. We have to be realized self confidence people not bother about to please people.

 In world everybody need to be aspire that human goal is bigger then to make efforts to happy others.

Life is white slate. If you not confirm that you have some perspectives. Then result is that one section of people tries to unnecessary confusing and influencing you for their own benefit. It is not looking bad and guilt to say no. If situation need than no is much looks and sound cool. Rather than false yes for only to say for please people.

Can you imagine this two little word have lots of power to protect us from our discomfort?

Most important thing no need to apologies to say no. Make sure that your no never hurt other. So always smiling in front of others is best way to greet others. From my perspectives, try to become evergreen flamboyance. This indicate that I want to help people to say whatever they want to say. But afcourse in method of code of conduct.

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I obliged that people who care about other feeling. Whatever, sometimes  our own self also need pampering. Ideology is good but don’t give them much power to create barrier in simple and short life.

Later complain about any person its better to honest with yourself and another person. Live life with fun and peace loving way. Don’t try to become anyone else. That makes you? empty from inside and feeling void.

I know that people adopt the way to become best version of their self. I also understand the multi facets human mind. We basically don’t want to lose our love ones. This way we never say them no in any matter. People worry and anxious to disapproval.

We promise each other to shaping our bluish planets to better place. To saying no is connected with happiness and self respect.

It’s true that everything in life is interconnected, and that each small part contributes to the larger whole. In fact, this idea of interconnectedness is a central concept in many philosophical and spiritual traditions.

For example, in Buddhism, the concept of dependent origination teaches that everything arises in dependence upon other things, and that there are no independent or isolated entities. Similarly, in Taoism, the concept of the Tao emphasizes the interconnectedness and interdependence of all things.

In our daily lives, we can see the ways in which small actions or events can have ripple effects and impact the larger picture. For example, a small act of kindness towards a stranger can create a chain reaction of positive energy and inspire others to do the same.

Recognizing the interconnectedness of all things can help us cultivate a sense of compassion, gratitude, and responsibility towards ourselves, others, and the world around us. We are all part of the same web of life, and each of our actions and choices can make a difference.

Individual interpretation about word no is different from each other. I can surely say always say yes is not ethical. A people please person is not connecting with high moral value. Both are two different aspects.

Benefit of saying NO

Like everything no word also flourishes some positive point.

It is built our self-esteem. If you say no sassily. Then it show that you are not manipulated.

Some case no word is like medicine and overcome to stressful situation.

 To chance to get massive happiness from honesty with deep within.  Self-doubt creates our personality to people pleasure personality.

Office and important relationship come on track with pinch of courage.

Probably we all have to bad habit to make another one happy. That almost to impossible.

Ironically happiness and disappointment is two side of same coin.

No make our clear path. Without any destruction to burden of pleased others.

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