8 Indian Lifestyle Bloggers You Must Follow

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8 Indian Lifestyle Bloggers You Must Follow

Lifestyle blogs offer a variety of information related to urban living, unlike travel blogs and diet blogs. Fashion, beauty, and industry are among the most popular niches in the lifestyle blog industry. Every fashionista, blogger, and lifestyle follower wants to create a personal-style blog/website. However, not all Indian Lifestyle Bloggers have original ideas and a passion for the blog.

However, a few Indian Lifestyle Bloggers stand out with their unique blogs and sharp business acumen. Although women bloggers dominate this niche, there are many male bloggers. Successful lifestyle blogging is only possible if you are a good reader and an effective implementer. To create a successful blog, one must be a regular blog reader to keep up to date with the latest trends and other bloggers.

What is a Lifestyle blog?

Lifestyle blogs look like magazines and share daily life experiences and perspectives.

The niche of lifestyle blogs covers many human passions and interests, including but not limited to:

  • Travel
  • Fitness
  • Luxury Living
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Self-improvement
  • Home Decor & Gardening
  • Parenting & Relationships

Looking for the top lifestyle blogs that inspire you to live your best life?

Blogging is no longer a hobby. People can now make millions with their blogs if they have the right passion, creativity, and business acumen. While many Indian Lifestyle Bloggers are talented, these are the top ones producing high-quality content.

Naina. Co:

Launched in 2004 by Naina, a lifestyle blogger who is an internationally-based photographer working on the theme of Lifestyle & Luxem. This blog is known for its posts on luxury brands (both domestic and international). It features its craft for an audience that is diverse. It updates approximately three times per week. The number of Facebook fans is 19,248, while the Twitter followers are 23,705.

Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha is among the most famous fashionista and beauty Indian Lifestyle Bloggers. She received her fashion design degree from NIFT. She started her blog in 2010 to jot down her ideas. Later, her blog turned into a professional venture. She also covers her shopping experiences and events. You can find her style on her website. She posts all the fashion items she wears. Akanksha is a daydreamer; when she’s not working, she creates accessories for her brand, “CIRARE.”

Urban Diaries

Tanya Dhar founded Urban Diaries in 2016, a blog anyone can use to find luxury lifestyle and celebrity interviews. The blog is updated weekly with a new post. Tanya Dhar, the founder of Urban Diaries, started it in 2016. It features content about lifestyle and luxury as well as celebrity interviews. Its website is urbandiaries.in, and they post something new weekly.

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The New Delhi-based blogger focuses on fashion and lifestyle. She started her blog in March 2015, writing daily about fashion news, lifestyle, and food. CHIC is the latest fashion trends and styles. LIFE is all about keeping up with the latest trends and looks. BYTE is the acronym for the most recent, exciting, and innovative news and blog posts. They post about three times per month to the audience. 

Lofty Spectrum

Anuja is the founder and CEO of lofty Spectrum, a blog that promotes luxury lifestyle and lifestyle blogging. Anuja is also a talented storyteller and content creator. Her writing journey began at a young age, but she kept her diary. The blog has followed her six-year journey of content creation for lifestyle companies. Indian Express also features her writing on health and well-being. Anuja Pandey won the award for being the best Indian lifestyle blogger.

Sartorial Secrets:

It is an award-winning fashion & lifestyle blog by a blogger based in Bangalore/Delhi-Gurgaon. It covers beauty and fashion, as well as other perspectives. Two posts are posted each month to the lifestyle blog on the website, i.e., sartorialsecrets.com has over 7,000 Facebook fans and around 2,000 Twitter followers.

Stylish by Nature

Shalini Chopra, an Indian girl who believed everyone could be fashionable in all areas of their lives, was Shalini Chopra. She wanted to share her knowledge and ideas with the rest of the world. In Dec 2011, she started Stylish By Nature, a fashion and luxury lifestyle blog.

She is a well-known blogger who has been a source of inspiration for many. Her blog covers many aspects of life, including fashion, food, and technology. You can also shop on her site.

Shalini won the 2018 “Best Fashion Blogger – South.” Her blog also ranked among the top fashion blogs in 2015, 2016, and 2014. Stylish By Nature also got featured in numerous national and international magazines.

Gia Says That

Gia Kashyap, the girl who created the GiasaysThat.com blog back in 2010. She hails from Mumbai, India. At the time her blog was born, she was still in college. She has always been passionate about sharing her thoughts through words and images. She started giasaysthat.com as a way to share her ideas.

Before starting this blog, Gia was a fashion columnist and graphic designer for an Indian magazine. Her blog covers many topics. These include fashion, beauty, photography, lifestyle, travel, reviews, and career. She promotes products she uses herself, just like most fashion bloggers.

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4 Must Have Skills of a Lifestyle Blogger

Check our below:

Interaction skills

Blogging is two-way communication. You don’t just need to write a text and wait for comments from the reader. Interacting with your readers and responding to their comments frequently is essential.

Social interaction skills are a way to build a strong relationship with other bloggers as well as readers, which will increase traffic to your site. Indian Lifestyle Bloggers do it professionally. You should answer questions and comments of the reader.

Marketing skills

Strong marketing skills build traffic and sales. Marketing refers to eMarketing, which includes e-promotion and e-selling. Marketing is a key part of any online business. Bloggers with good marketing skills can easily promote their blogs and attract more readers. You must try to promote your blog content at the right time and in the right way. Decide on your marketing strategies.

Marketing is one of your best options to grow your business quickly and efficiently. Market your products or services wherever you can. The more you market, the greater your return. If you let the people know your offer, they will be more likely to connect with you.

Strong Networking

Networking is an important part of a blogging career. This is how you can attract high-quality and organic traffic to your blog. Strong networks get built when you’re present everywhere and communicate with others. Keep in touch with everyone. Ask them what is going on in their heads. A network can make it easier to gain more traffic in a shorter time.

Photo Editing Skills

Every article needs images. Images are a powerful way to convey emotions. A new reader will first notice the photos, and then he will stare at them instead of reading the text. You should have a good understanding of Photoshop and picture editing but do not necessarily need to be able to edit photos.

Learn how to crop, scale, resize and format an image. Your blog images should reflect your blog’s theme as soon as your readers see them. Making a related image to your post is another skill. Editing photos is one thing.

Final Thoughts

So, this was our amazing list of 8 best Indian Lifestyle Bloggers. Hope you found the article helpful! 

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