Too Much Exercise Can Cause Problems

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Too Much Exercise Can Cause Problems

Even nectar be poison if you consume in excess. This applies even for exercise and we should apply for the exercise also. Although fitness is important to do exercises to have physical strength and mental health, fitness experts say that if you do it excessively, there are various side effects. That’s why it is recommended to do exercise for half an hour or forty minutes every day, leaving aside the myth that if you do more workouts, you will get more strength. Let’s find out what kind of health problems can be caused by doing too much exercise so that you can avoid any diseases associated with it.

Some people exercise with different types of gym equipment either at home or in the gym do vigorous exercises in less time with the intention of gaining more strength . However experts say that due to excessive exercise, there are many health risks.

Pressure does not decrease in fact increases with excessive exercise!

In today’s lifestyle, stress and anxiety have become a part of everyone’s life and, the way many people choose to get rid of these is exercise. In this process, the feel-good hormone dopamine is released. Overdoing the same workouts will increase stress instead of reducing it! Excessive exercise releases the stress hormone cortisol in the body! with this body gets tired along with mind. Experts say that half an hour to 40 minutes of daily exercise is enough. Moreover, seven to eight hours of good sleep and eating healthy food is also important.

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Exercise will work up an appetite too!

Exercising too much can disturb the balance of hormones in the body and can lead to the problem of ‘anorexia’ arises. Due to this, we will increase our appetite, not be fussy about the food we take, and we will overdo the things we like. This leads to gradual weight gain. As a result, objective to lose weight and become slim will not be achieved.

The effect on the immune system!

It is important to keep our immune system strong in order to gather strength to resist any kind of illness. But experts say that immunity levels are gradually decreasing in those who exercise a lot. Moreover.. due to excessive straining of the body, metabolism is getting effected! Due to the excessive exercise results in anemia and decrease in bone density also.

Body injuries!

We get tired If we work out too much during the day, .. doing workouts is what most of us do to get rid of fatigue and give energy to the body. The body becomes more active due to excessive exercise, but there is a risk of becoming more tired with excessive exercise! Also there is a possibility of suffering from muscle pain, joint pain, back pain..! Unfortunately, these kinds of pains do not go away.. They bother you for a long time.. effects doing other daily things and sleeping. So exercise, combined with workouts, can be done for half an hour to get good results.

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Woman may miss monthly periods!

Due to various illnesses and body/mental disorders, many girls have monthly problems. Exercise also works like a medicine to get rid of this. However, experts say you will face negative problems even with periods, if it is too much. Excessive exercise can lead to amenorrhea. Due to this, menstruation stops or irregularity happens. Experts say that if this continues, the estrogen hormone levels will fall and lead to osteoporosis. That’s why you have to devote a certain/limited amount of time to the exercises as per the instructions of the experts.


Experts say that excessive exercise has a negative effect on heart health and respiratory system. So it is advised to devote half an hour to workouts every day and consult the relevant experts if any ailments are encountered during this process.

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