Are you Angry – A Solution for Anger Control

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Are you Angry – A Solution for Anger Control

Are you getting anger when kids or wife/husband or anyone is not listening to you? You throw objects or shout at others or misbehave when you are angry?

Gets angry immediately if other people are rude, neglectful or do not listen. There is a danger of leading to many mishaps If it cannot be coordinated in time. Anger is the counterpart of emotions. It may turn into another illness Even if this anger does not go away. Experts say that rather than controlling anger, it is better to know and practice ways to express it soberly. It is better not to indulge in unbridled rage, punching the wall, throwing anything in your hand, and talking like you are angry.

We suggest you to follow these simple steps to identify and control your anger.

It should be recognized.. first, you should be able to recognize in what situations anger comes. Do not have conversation or prolonged conversations with anyone when you are angry. Be quiet for a while or take a brake from conversation. Step away, take four steps away from where you are… with these your emotional feelings/ energy will come down. think alone and calmly when you think you are calm.

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Try to identify and review where the original problem arose, how the situation/discussion went, the reasons for the change of situation, etc. This gap you took allows the mind to think deeply and find out the true reason for the anger. Find out whose fault it is… Asking others to forgive for showing anger brings calmness to your the mind / soul.

Remember, mind has not reached the level of thinking if no matter how many attempts are made to control the feelings. The thoughts and emotions that come at that time should be written on a piece of paper. It should be given a literal form of things like who got angry and why. By doing this the level of anger decreases and the mind reaches a state of calm thinking.

Don’t be judgmental… When you get angry on any occasion, you should tell the other person not to continue the discussion. Try to be alone for a while. Slowly the pressure goes away. No self-blame in such a case. You will find a solution if you try to talk to your mind. Ask yourself, think what happened after some time instead of taking decisions in anger.

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