Plight of Washing Machine – a Story

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Plight of Washing Machine – a Story

After retirement, elderly people do not know how to spend time. Children are busy working or studying in colleges. They hardly have time to spare for their parents. Senior citizens who believe in God spend rest of the time remembering the almighty. Those who don’t have all the spare time.

Neeta stayed with her parents. Her mother worshipped a lot while her father was an athiest. He spent time washing clothes in washing machine, keeping dustbin bag outside and collecting moppers.There were multiple brooms and moppers.

Neeta’s mother used to get irritated with all this , as her father wasted a lot of money in useless work. The washing machine was semi automatic and her father kept on starting it every morning by 7.30 am.

The machine had broken down multiple times, was repaired and it had given its services for about five years. Neeta thought it’s time to lay it on rest. There was another fully automatic machine but since it was complicated, so her father didn’t use.

On a holiday her father purchased another machine. Neeta’s mother was furious. She kept telling him “You keep wasting money”. Her father didn’t say anything. The old machine was sold off at three hundred rupees. Her mother said the machine was sold at a very low cost.

Neeta’s holiday was a disaster where her parents kept fighting over the machine. The old machine had started jumping and had to be sold off. The new one also was fully automatic. Whether her father will be able to operate that machine is still unknown…

Moral of the story is
“Develop some hobbies so that when you retire you have something to do. Be it learning a musical instrument, music, reading, dancing, playing with electronic items etc as no one has time to spend in today’s world. “

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