Flying Horse – A Story

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Flying Horse – A Story

Two woodcutters lived in Sirsa a town in India. They were very good friends Ram and Shyam. Ome day Ram told Shyam ” We are spending a life full of struggle. Let us do something “. Shyam replied ” We don’t know anything except how to cut wood”. Ram said ” Do one thing, go and spread everywhere that i can make a horse fly. If anyone asks details tell them I will only tell the king. “Shyam did as Ram told him.

The village head came and met Ram. He asked ” I want to know how you will make the horse fly”. Ram said ” I will tell that only to the king”. The village head left and one day he went to the city. There he met the security guard of the king. The village head told the guard” There is something unique in our village. There is a man who can make the horse fly. “The security guard told this to the head of king’s security. The head of security of the king came and persuaded Ram to tell him how he could make the horse fly. The security head threatened Ram but he said ” You may put me in jail also but I will tell this to the king only.”

Finally the king of the country heard the news.

The king called Ram. Ram went to the palace to meet the king. The king told Ram “I have heard you can make a horse fly. I want to know the details. ” Ram said ” Please ask someone to get the best horse of yours and the trainer also. “The king summoned the trainer who brought the king’s horse.

Ram said ” How much time did this horse learn to hop? “. The trainer said this “This is the king’s horse and the best one. It took two months to hop. “Ram told the king” This horse will take six months to fly so you will have to send this horse with me. “The king sent his horse with security guards and adequate amount of funds. ” Ram was happy as he had earned enough to live comfortably. He also charged money from everyone who wanted to see the king’s horse.

Their fame spread far and wide. Everyday Ram would take the horse to the jungle. The security guards would accompany and then after a while he would bring it back. The sequence continued for a long time. After five and half months Shyam told Ram ” The king will kill you, it’s going to be six months. ” Ram said ” Why do you worry. There is still time. The king may die or the horse may die or we may die. Anything can happen. ” Shyam said ” You have gone mad. “

The security guards had followed Ram everyday to the jungle for two months. After that they realised that he would bring the horse back safely and stopped accompanying him.

After a week Ram dressed up to take the horse. He went to the jungle and came back running to the guards alone. He told them “The king’s horse flew away. ” The guards were shocked. They said “Why did you allow this? “. Ram said ” See you people didn’t come for its protection. I will tell the king about this. If you don’t want me to tell then you all must say the horse tried to fly first it reached a branch and the next time it flew away. ” Everyone agreed.

All of them went to the king. Ram narrated the incident and told the king ” You must feel proud as your horse flew away. ” The king was surprised but felt happy and sent Ram away with a fortune.

This is management we know that some things cannot happen but we manage in such a way that the world is convinced and overjoyed.

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