Agony of work from home – A Story

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Agony of work from home – A Story

Akansha was working in a private firm. During covid, her company instructed the employees to work from home. This was also a cost saving for the private companies as they didn’t have to pay transportation charges to employees no electricity and maintenance of the office. It was also necessary to keep them save. In the process, the employees worked more as the time spent to travel was also saved. For two and half years she worked from home.

When situation became normal, she took her sister vanita for a movie. They spent time in a mall and ate pizza. Akansha told Vanita ” Let us go and watch a movie in theater before it closes again. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? “.This is indeed true. Unpredictability of life has been seen during covid times specially the second wave. So many people lost their lives.After spending the whole day in mall, the two returned home with a happy heart.

After some more time offices opened up, Akansha started going to office thrice a week. Vanita asked Akansha ” Sister why do you go to office work from home peacefully “.Akansha replied ” My clothes haven’t been utilised since almost three years. I want to see people. I am the only one in office. ” She went by shuttle to the office. On her return, the shuttle dropped her by 9 pm.

This time she got down at a previous stop. From there she didn’t get any conveyance to reach home which was three kms away. She had a bagpack with laptop and started walking. She reached one red light. She faced the same problem there too. There was no transport available. She was frustrated and cursed God for her bad luck and so much of struggle in life. On reaching the second red light a thought came. She said to herself “who knows that God want me to become thin?

I am sweating profusely and walking though my legs are not able to lift my body”.She then became positive and reached home by 9.40 pm. She was soaked in sweat and all her clothes were wet. She rang the bell and her mother opened the door. She threw the bag and lay on the sofa for fifteen minutes. After getting up, she had a shower, changed had food and slept like a log.

There is good in everything we face. Troubles and challenges make a person strong and teaches to find a way against all odds. The saying is true” Tough times don’t last but tough people do”.

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