5 Ways To Impress A Woman Before Giving Her A Marriage Proposal

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5 Ways To Impress A Woman Before Giving Her A Marriage Proposal

How To Attract The Lady You Love To Yourself

Are you still a bachelor just because you don’t have the skills to impress women? Is it your wish to attract a woman who will love and accept you in her life forever? Then, you have to learn some things that women usually expect from men as they go on date with them.

You know! Sometimes very small things make a lifetime impression. So, handling your behaviors and words carefully before the lady whom you want to propose is very important. But, what are the ways to impress a woman before you would be confident enough to propose to her for marriage? Well! Here are they:

1. Look Straight Into Her Eye As Both Of You Have A Conversation

Have you heard the phrase – “sometimes your eyes say it all”? It’s quite appropriate in this context here. Most of the women like men who are decent and behave like gentlemen. A woman appreciates a man looking at her eyes rather than looking at her body.

Looking at a woman’s body by a man makes a bad impression of him for her. So, play with your eyes and express your love towards her through them. She will like the thing that you are finding her face including her eyes more beautiful to look at than her body.

2. Be Well Groomed

“The first impression is the last impression” – this saying is so true especially when a man meets a woman. Every woman wants her man to appear and smell good. So, don’t meet her with untidy hair or wearing an untidy dress.

Otherwise, the meeting will only repel her from you. On the contrary, dress up yourself with your best robe, clean shave your beards, comb up your hair tidily and apply a mild perfume to your body before you go to meet her.

3. Keep Your Phone Inside Your Pocket In A Silenced Form

Want some more ways to impress a woman? Great! Ignore your phone. Instead of prioritizing your phone in front of her, prioritize her. Picking up a call in the midst of the conversation or checking a message will make her feel that she is not as important to you as your phone. So, either silence your phone or turn it off while conversing with her.

4. Be The Conversation Starter

A lady may feel uncomfortable while chatting with a guy on her own for the first time. So, make her comfortable by beginning the conversation yourself. Through your talks, show her that you are attracted to her and so are interested in everything connected to her.

Ask her some questions related to herself and attend to the answers patiently. Also, acquaint yourself briefly with her and request her to ask you questions if anything strikes her mind. You would love to answer her questions. Your gentle nature will unfailingly impress her, by behaving in this manner.

5. Open Doors For Her

Another way among other ways to impress a woman is showing her courtesy with your chivalrous behavior towards her. Open the doors of the restaurant or home as she enters. You can also slide the chair towards her for helping her to sit on it. Also, show her in different ways that you care for her. For instance, if anyhow she is going to slip on the floor, decently hold her so that she doesn’t fall. These small chivalric gestures on a man’s part are bound to win the heart of any lady.

Wrapping Up:

Have you tried these ways to impress a woman before? Not until now, isn’t it? But, the next time you meet a woman, definitely try these things on her and she will readily get impressed with you. And, we can guarantee that you will no longer remain a bachelor. So, best of luck from us in advance for you!

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